Cuisinart 10-Cup Coffeemaker

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Cuisinart 10-Cup Coffeemaker
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Can this unit grinder setting be set to course ground??

I have an older model of this coffee maker. It seems to only grind a coarse grind, but it does make the best coffee I’ve ever had and I’m really picky. Don’t know how, don’t know why, but it does.

Turns out, no.

However, most Chinese separate grinders use the same mechanism and it can be set quite coarse.

A decent cup comes from a combination of the right water temp and the right water flow.

I have at Starbucks Barista travel mug maker that just gets it right.

I also have an ancient 1979 Mr. Coffee Non-Electric (basically a plastic tub on top of a plastic pot) that does the same thing. Go figure.

I have an earlier model that makes really good coffee. I prefer the cone filter (like this one) and they recommend not cleaning the grinder as the oils add flavor. However, sometimes you need to dust it out a little but that is very easy.

No Burner so no Burned coffee!!!

End result, a great cup of coffee!

The grind is preset by Cuisinart, but they seem to know what they’re doing. I have this coffeemaker, and like another poster said, it makes the best coffee ever, and I am a coffee snob.

Whoooooo! Buyer likes you guys… a lot! She’s lowered the price on this bad boy so you better buy quick before she changes her mind!

Small print: Already purchased? That money will zoom back into your pocket soonish.

This unit has a blade grinder and therefore the coffee is ground and fed into the filter area once it is ground finer than the small screen that stands between the blade and the filter area. There is no adjustment possible but I agree, despite being told that burr grinders are the only way to go, this brewer like others I have had before with blades makes a great cup, and I am so into coffee I roast my own and have at least 4 or 5 different ways to brew.

I had an older model that looked the same as this one and I loved it. I could adjust the grind and it made great coffee. Before the Cuisinart, I had a self-grinding Melitta coffee maker which was also great, but the blades/gearing broke on me after a couple of years. My Cuisinart was still going strong after a few years of use. I no longer have it, but only because I finally switched to a single-serve Kuerig. While you can brew a smaller pot (4 cups), I found I could make the best coffee with a full pot and since I was the only coffee drinker in the house, I always had left over coffee. I really liked the reusable filter as well - it was very easy to clean.

If I drank more coffee during the day, I’d still be using mine. It was a great coffee maker.

How hot does the thermal carafe keep the coffee?

This one doesn’t say whether a “permanent gold tone filter” is included, like the description of this model does on Amazon. Does anyone know if the filter is included?

No, it is not included.

Probably never as hot as a hot plate but it also doesn’t burn the coffee. I preheat mine with as water as hot as I can get it from the tap–I usually do this before I do anything else so the carafe really warms up and then the coffee doesnt have to do that job.

For me, that would not be a deal breaker as filters are cheap and I don’t know about you, but I dont like the mouthfeel of the very very small grounds that ultimately get through the gold filter. If I want coffee like that, I make Turkish coffee, which with the added spices is completely different and very enjoyable.

Did the price just drop on this? I believe I ordered it for $50… whoops. Never mind. Just saw the earlier comment. Carry on!