Cuisinart 8 Pc. Roaster with Essential Tools

Cuisinart 8 Pc. Roaster with Essential Tools
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I’ve had one of these roasters previously, and found that the nonstick coating was so great that it also wouldn’t stick to the pan or to the rack. If you like your gravy with that extra je ne sais quoi that only flakes of teflon can provide, then go ahead and get this.

Was wondering about the non stick, thanks for the info. I get enough of the Jena se qua in my regular life as it is my question now where is a lid??
Kinda dry roasting I’d think…

When I saw this I had to check out for a possible gift.
Thanks for the Heads Up​:v:t3::fist_left:t4:

same thing with mine, the non-stick coating is flaking off…

I believe the lid had some trouble with the French government lately, and is in hiding.

No seriously. Does this thing have no lid?

What’s with Woot saying this retails for $150? Check on Amazon, through which this is fulfilled, and you’ll see it’s only $67.71 I check everything on Amazon before I buy on Woot now (and I’ve been a Woot person since 2011 and have bought a lot of stuff). The claimed retail prices are often complete BS. Shame on you, Woot. :frowning:

Cuisinart 8-piece Ovenware Nonstick Roasting Set, Steel
5.0 out of 5 stars 1 customer review
Price: $67.71 & FREE Shipping

We get our suggested retail prices from our vendors. Sorry for the confusion!

Looks like it doesn’t have a lid.

:joy: :sunglasses:

Had no problem with the pan, coating stayed on fine. The rack could only use once due to flaking. As for the top, that was why foil was invented

Pardon me while I hiss at the nonstick part. The brown stuck on bits of drippings in a normal roasting pan are the secret to great gravy and pan sauce.