Cuisinart CMW-200FR Microwave Oven

4 year Square Trade warranty available?

Yes Oar No

After tax and shipping, you are at the cost of NEW. And buying refurbished this high with only 90 day warranty isn’t worth it.

We added the SqTr link.

Note that SqTr no longer sells warranties for factory reconditioned (or refurbished) items direct to consumers. You must go through an authorized reseller like woot.

I bought 3 of these over the last few years. I use one for the kitchen and liked it so much I got one for the basement kitchenette and another one for the office. These are good quality, no complaints, no issues and they look nice too. The timer beeps loudly at the end of the cooking cycle, but I think all microwaves do that. I’d still recommend them.

The electric heating element is only on the top. If you want the best results for baking you need to turn the food over half way through the cooking process. Not the best option for cakes, pizza etc.

So you’re saying this microwave is $94 brand new? That seems pretty cheap for this size, wattage, and functions.

Yeah, it’s $211.93 new on Amazon

“Does anyone actually know how to use the potato setting on a microwave?”

Actually, yeah, it’s quite simple. (Though it helps to RTFM.)

Basically, you put a russet potato or two or three onto the tray. Press the “cook potato” button. On the numeric keypad, enter the number of potatoes. Press Start.

And when it’s done, you have some nicely baked potatoes. It really works. (At least on the Kenmore microwave I have.)