Cuisinart DGB300 Grind and Brew Coffee Maker


Welcome to the Cuisinart DGB300 Grind and Brew Coffee Maker page for Monday, March 21st. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


Well so much for the weekend.

Glad to see another good woot deal to start the week off on the right note :slight_smile:

Nice item to help with staying up for other woot items :slight_smile: Gimme java!!!

Nice quality. Cuisinart is one of the best.

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w00t, almost died waiting to see what’s next and THIS comes up. Great looks but geez that cups are ugly! -The Latest Tech News, Mods, Hacks, and Deals


Not into coffee so not for me. Maybe tomorrow.

Cuisinart DGB300 Grind and Brew Coffee Maker
You know Woot!, Woot!’s your friend—your main boy, thick and thin
$29.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
What is it, Monday morning already? Man, Mondays. Awful. That flabby orange tabby was on to something.

Times like these call for an addictive mood-altering chemical. It’s easy to get your fix of French Ro- er, Freedom Roast when you’re guilty of possessing the right drug paraphanelia—namely, the DGB300 Grind and Brew Coffee Maker from Cuisinart.

Come on, you’re an ogre when you haven’t had your morning mud. Why risk going through withdrawal? Why put the rest of us through the misery of your uncaffeinated company? Get maximum flavor and minimum bitterness from your own fresh-ground magic beans whenever the need seizes you—and don’t bother drawing the shades in your kitchen. Your neighbors can’t narc on you—it’s legal in 50 states!

None for us, though; we’re straightedge.


* Condition: Recertified by Cuisinart in Cuisinart white box
* Grinds whole coffee beans, then automatically brews for the freshest coffee
* Coffee Bar Flavor System is similar to coffeemakers in your favorite coffee bar
* Extra-large LCD programmable clock with temperature monitor
* Adjustable auto shut-off
* Adjustable temperature control with display for keeping the pot warm
* Time-to-clean indicator counteracts your innate tendency to wallow in squalor and filth
* Self-Clean function
* Brew Pause feature lets you enjoy a cup before brewing is finished
* Taste Keeper lid minimizes oxygen flow into the carafe so coffee stays fresher longer
* 1-4 Cups setting provides full flavor when brewing small batches of coffee
* Brews up to 10 cups (includes 10 cup carafe)
* Dishwasher-safe parts
* Each unit hand-picked by Juan Valdez’s new-economy analog
* Color: White


Crap Nite


a coffee machine??? o well, it dpoesnt matter what woot has… its an addiction.


boo woot


Cool Coffee Maker… I have a pod coffe maker, love them pods


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These are good - Cusinart used to have a decent warranty - dunno how it is now.


These woots are getting to be lame. Where’s the new exciting gadgets?
Or better yet, we wanna see Bag O Crap V !!!


caffiene makes me feal funny


I woulldn’t woot on this woot. This woot is teh gh3y.






ehhhh… it ain’t a cook’s essentials. i’ll pass on this W00t! goodnight!


hmmmmmmmmm???thinking??? NOT


Yech. More coffee.


cool brew and grind.



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