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Cuisinart Gourmet Griddler?
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I have one of these – and have had 3 of them so far (original, one i got off woot, and one i got to replace that after i misplaced the 2nd one).

These are good machines, I use mine just about daily, very useful for cooking bacon/sausage/any sort of meat. Steak is easy on it. When I lived in a tiny apartment, I made everything for a breakfast burrito on it at once (opened up, egg on one side, turkeybacon on other, added them to a tortilla and compressed it in the griddler to make a breakfast burrito).

I think any brand of countertop grill is going to be good/sufficient, this is a pretty good price for one.

Mine doesn’t seem to get hot enough. Things take FOREVER to cook and nothing ever gets the cool, dark, parallel grill marks on it. Losing faith.

I bought this a while back on Woot to make paninis, and it was great at that. These days I use it more often for steak or chicken. I foolishly put the non-stick plates in the dishwasher, though, and they’re now stickier than they should be. I’m tempted to buy a new one just to get nice, new non-stick surfaces.

Apparently WOOT doesn’t ship anywhere but in the states. They might want to mention that at the beginning… Save a lot of people a lot of time.

Got a refurb from Woot a while back that had the same problem. Apparently not uncommon. Cuisinart’s warranty process was easy and have had no problems with the replacement.

Errrr… how do you misplace a large griddler?

There seems to be a pattern of quality inconsistencies with this “licensed” product [half-dozen names on the same basic import]. Some work great, some fail to heat well and some (incuding mine from Woot) had the non-stick coating flake off within 6 months.

This is what happens when you have no part in the manufacturing process and the supplier works with even more sub-contractors to supply parts. China is well known for these problems and is working hard to get better. But it’s a big country with lots of flim-flam resulting in lead paint on baby toys and USA importers who just buy items because they seem OK and are very cheap.

There are almost no real brands any more.

I bought one a few years ago and it works great.
It gets very hot, never have to turn it on high.
The only issue is that I forget to put something down to catch the grease or oil. It will drain on to your counter-top but mine came with a tray to catch it.

I bought one of these new from Amazon a while back and love the thing. Use it constantly.

My complete Amazon review can be found here:

Your link goes to a general page on amazon.

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Your link goes to a general page on amazon.

No where near your review.

This link is for the review’s.


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Video of it in action.