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**Item: **Cuisinart Gourmet Griddler?
Price: $46.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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3.5 Star Avg reviews from Amazon (Non refurb)

I bought one of these at Costco a couple of years ago. I love it. I grill on it in the winter. And make paninis a couple times a month.

Wife got this for x-mas two years ago and I’m the one in the house that uses it the most. Great for everything. Too hot to turn on the oven or roast next to the BBQ, I can grill my burgers and chicken on this in the comfort of my A/C and everyone is happy. Most used to grill chicken or breakfast wraps in tortillas, beats making a run for the border.

pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at the O

Solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at

I got my Griddler a couple of years back on Woot (also reconditioned - came in perfect condition) and my family loves it. Burgers, chicken, salmon patties, pancakes, paninis - don’t get me started on paninis! I put out a plethora of panini fillings and everyone builds their own, then we grill 'em up. Delish and fun. I love this appliance and highly recommend it.

Bought one of these on sale at Costco last week, quite happy with it so far.

i don’t have one but i know who have it think it works well. we can make bacon or pancakes or fried eggs in it, it is very convenient.

I rather pay a little over $20 extra and get it at Costco. You can’t beat the policy at Costco. This seems like a good deal until you hit the shipping and tax. Booo!
Almost bought it.

Gifted my sister with one several years back. When they knocked it off the counter and broke it, they purchased another–that’s how much they love it. I’m amazed at how much they use it–but they keep it on the counter and use it almost daily. (Maybe that’s why we rarely use ours…we keep it stored away.)

I quit using mine after a few times. I guess I’m the only one here who thinks it’s junk. Of the 3 functions it’s supposed to perform it doesn’t do any of them well.

Got this during a previous Wooting. Love it. (Although - I haven’t used it for the griddling function so much as grilling.)

Downside? The grill plates are ridiculously obnoxious to clean. They’re not as non-stick as claimed. Either that, or I’m doing it wrong, which is also possible.

i bought one of these new when they first came out…over 6 years ago, maybe 7 years?..anyways, love it!

extra cooking surface- comes in handy when you’re cooking a lot of stuff and have run out of room on the stove.

wish i liked sammiches more, its a great sammich press.

definitely recommend!

Got one here - a refurb too - quite a while back and it’s still going strong. Gets used several times a week. I’ve done sandwiches, chicken, burgers, and pork on it and it all comes out great.

We’ve had one of these for 6 or 7 years and love it. One of the best (and most used) gadgets we’ve bought. I would recommend this over any of the other brands on the market.

Adding another voice to the “best gadget ever” herd. Enough heat for a nice sear, and it’s the only cooking surface that I have ever been able to turn out consistently good pancakes on. You can order waffle iron plates for it, as well.

I purchased mine new (not refurb) from over 6 months ago and use it on average about once a week (some weeks not, others >3x/wk - I seem to go in spurts). I waited till I saw it on sale. I have generally been very pleased, and this is my 1st grill. As almost always seems the case, one has to compromise on something (it seems no 1 product has everything, and definitely the case in my research of grills at this price point).

For example, I wish it had the adjustable height when using as a “press grill”, as some foods do better more lightly touched vs. downright pressed. However, I loved that one could get waffle plates as an additional purchase. I haven’t seen that option with any other comparable grill. Believe it or not, the waffle plates option is what made my decision, over the comparable grills.

It seems to cook well for all my uses so far. I have used it for toasted cheese sandwiches most often (panini mode), with variations on contents (added ham, salami, prosciutto, onions, etc.). (This is where the softer multi-grain bread, and too-softened cheese will mash down under the pressure.); grilled tuna and cheese panini; makes a mean Ruben; bacon-wrapped filet mignons (Canadian residents will recognize these from M&M’s - No, non-Canadians, not the candy, nor “Smarties”, but the frozen foods stores across Canada); Chicken breasts; hot-dogs and sausages (nice grill marks and flavour, way better than a microwave); and of course, waffles.

It does a decent to excellent job for all these foods. And so quick to cook and clean up.

I glanced again at the amazon reviews and offer my experience in comparison to some negative comments (You’ll notice that most of the strongly negative comments are from quite older reviews, on what apear to be older models):

  • Mine always cooks evenly, across, and top/bottom
  • Mine heats up as what I consider quickly
  • It retains heat effectively
  • Drains well
  • Hasn’t overheated or tended to cause a fire (I question these folks’ wiring - Should have tripped the circuit breaker before firing up)
  • Non-stick coating still in tact
  • I have no clue what the reviewer complained about “plastic” plate clips. Mine are metal, and couldn’t be anything else.
  • Plates go in/out like a breeze
  • All controls are functional and not redundant

I only wish 2 things:

  1. That the press (top) was fixed-height adjustable
  2. That it had a metal tab on the top part, in front, to push down and release the pivot catch which allows the top to pivot for even food contact. Mine tends to be a bit stiff, and I have to press down a bit much to get it to release, singeing my finger, and leaving a burn spot on the front edge of the stainless steel top.

Overall, the convenience of grilling, panini-ing, easy removable/interchangeable/cleaning plates, searing for flavour and appearance, general quality, etc. etc, makes this a highly recommended product. I’m even thinking of adding one to my sailboat for easy cooking on it too. (Folks at the club often comment on my gourmet cooking on my boat - I could use this product to further the misconception [smile])

This was the first kitchen item I bought once I got divorced, it’s a bachelor’s staple. I use it only for sammiches and quesdadillas but I use it 3 or 4 times a week.