Culligan Hot/Cold Water Dispenser- Scratch & Dent

Culligan Hot/Cold Water Dispenser- Scratch & Dent

What is the temperature of the hot water? I want to brew tea.

Got one of these for the downstairs bar the last time they were offered. Was tired of buying cases of bottled water and throwing out half empty bottles at the end of a night of entertaining.

Had to look very closely to locate a very small dent about the size of a #2 pencil :pencil2: eraser. Not sure all have the same minimal blemish. Perhaps I got lucky…

While I haven’t measured the hot water temperature, I feel it’s plenty sufficient for tea, hot chocolate, etc.


I got this last time as well, since our fridge’s water filter has gotten stuck and we haven’t DARED to use it in over a year… Definitely a cheap alternative, and when is the last time a fridge gave you steaming hot water on top of it? You may not see immediately super cold or super hot water the first day you plug it in, but by day two, you’ll have a steady supply that will easily help a family of four get more water every day.

We have to refill the 5 gallon tank (NOT INCLUDED, but my local grocery store had them available, or you could Amazon it too) once every 2-3 weeks. If you can’t lift a good 40 pounds or so out of your sink to where you have your machine set up, buy with caution! (Or maybe just have the knowledge/tools to hook it to a direct line, I ain’t the gal for that.) We’re able to have ice cold water at the ready any time of the year now (our pipes just don’t get cold enough and as mentioned earlier, our ice maker has been down for quite some time), and my kids will attest that the hot water is perfect for their cocoa.

And yeah, condition wise, I couldn’t find any noticeable damage. Beautiful piece of equipment that has made our days a little bit brighter, and our bodies a lot healthier!


So you just refill the jugs? Is there any issues with any clogging of anything from unpurified water? How often do you wash the jug?

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We got ours and love it. Plenty of tea drinkers here and all appreciate the ready hot water for teas and even oatmeal/cream of wheat/soups.
Ours arrived with zero noticeable “scratch or dents” but it did still have water in the reservoir that we had to pump out. But we planned to pump at least a gallon through the system anyway for sanitation purposes.
Very happily satisfied with our woot purchases over the years and this one is no exception. @ThunderThighs
PS. The cold water is nice and cold too!


Picked one of these up last month when they were on sale for the same price and couldn’t be happier versus the price of a brand new one. Picked up a couple 5 gallon bottles from Walmart and get them refilled for around $3 a piece. The hot water is hot enough to brew a cup of tea and instant coffee. The cold water is equivalent to the fridge dispenser. Didn’t find any dents, just a top cover that doesn’t seems to pop down together. Nothing noticable. I do see it often runs the cooling cycle which can be switched off in the back for power saving. Both the heating/cooling shuts off when the bottle is empty.


My local store has a place to exchange them for fresh bottles, but so far I’ve just refilled mine twice via the tap. I run some steaming hot water and soap through it for good measure before refilling, rinsing it out a few times just to make sure all the soap and gunk is gone, but honestly I haven’t seen any kind of buildup so far.

Again, I’ve only had this for a couple months now, but if I do run into any clogging issues, I’ll probably just start swapping them at the store. I also couldn’t taste a difference between my tap water and the “fancy” stuff from the store, to be honest. Of course, if you have well water or some less-than-desirable city water, your experience may differ.

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How do you put water in this?

Did you look at the images? It shows how to add 5 gallon container.

Found the info you wanted by going to this magical website named a search engine. Then it sent me to and BAM! the info under products hot/cold water dispenser printed on the website stated

  • Temperature range 165°F-194°F