Cupcake Wars

We have cupcakes!!!

Look out for the flying cupcakes!

Walmazan and cupcakes, always a tasty treat. The comrades look like they’re in the middle of a kicky cupcake line dance.

Those better be darn good cupcakes. I don’t defect for simple Betty Crocker stuff.

And congrats my friend!! WELL DONE… two days in a row!

You had me at cupcakes.

Come to the red side, we have Cupcakes …

Now here’s a revolution I can get behind! I’m always happy to see a Walmazan shirt print, congrats!

I don’t get it.

Comrades, We have cupcakes!!!

congrats Wences!

кексы for everyone!

If the Commies had just used these propaganda posters, they probably would have taken over the world by now.

In Soviet Russia, cupcake eats you!

Love it.
The art on this shirt makes me think of a old children’s book!

Of course, it would have to be written in rhyme…

“You could see the fear
in the comrade’s eyes…
'Till out from the sky
dropped a cupcake surprise!”

Yay, cupcakes! Congrats, Wences. :smiley:

Congrats Wences!!!:smiley: Two in a row!

I don’t think I would wear this, but this would make an AWESOME print. This would look awesome in my coder cage, I mean cubicle. Does anyone know how to ask woot to make this a small poster? like, somewhere between 5x8 and 8x10?

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i like this one, but like ALL of the wootshirts, the design is TOO BIG for the shirt.