Cyber Acoustics Home Audio In-Wall Speakers – Pair

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oogling the 1/10th’s chance of cräp on woot’s main page.

Everyone is debating whether or not they should pay $8 for a 1/10 chance at a bag. Or they’re ordering without reading the writeup…

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Don’t know if I feel comfortable cutting holes in my wall to mount these. Then there’s the problem of actually running the wires to them…

This is an awesome deal, last time on sellout they were $35 pair

You don’t have to cut holes in your wall. You could also just put them in an enclosure to see if you like them. Then you can either leave them that way or cut those holes. The choice is yours!

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these are easy to install just not fond of rearranging the room

Are these mountable in the ceiling? A house I’m moving into will have 4 locations of stereo prewire in the ceiling and I’m wondering if I should get two pairs of these…

I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to be mountable in the ceiling…

No reason you couldn’t put them in the ceiling. (Well, unless you have no limbs. Then there’s a reason and I guess you’d have to ask someone else to do it.)

I bought them in April and put them in my ceiling. They work great.

By chance, about to start on a remodel of the living room/home theater. In for three.

Edit: Or would be, if the order status page would ever confirm that I actually ordered them.

Thumbs up on the writeup :slight_smile:

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SPL is abysmal. Better have one healthy amp driving these - they’re highly inefficient.

I noticed the inefficiency as well, but in this economy, they’re going to damn well work for me!

I bought a 42" LCD tv last October, with plans to get a wall-mount and in-wall speakers…well a few months went by and I never moved forward on my plans, because the speakers I wanted were SpeakerCraft MT TWO’s, and they run a couple hundred bucks. Then I lost my job. But man for $25 I’ll cut holes in my walls and try these out If they suck, I’ll replace them later with the SpeakerCraft’s I had in mind from the start. I’ve even got an old 100 w/ch sony receiver that should drive these pretty well.

Thanks woot, now just confirm my dang order!

Then have someone else do it for you. :wink:

All you really need is a drywall saw (keyhole saw) to cut the opening and a utility knife to start the hole. Remove the molding at the base of the wall and then poke a hole thru the wall (under the big opening you cut) above the 2x4 on the bottom. You run your speaker wire thru this and behind the baseboard molding to your stereo. Reattach the molding and you’re done.

Oh, and be sure the spot you’ve selected is between the studs in the wall.

If this is beyond your technical skill, hire a handyman. It’s a pretty easy job that won’t take long. I’d be surprised if it took longer than 3 hours

I wouldn’t do this if my walls were lathe and plaster (too much work). I might not do it if I was renting, because (at least in my state) anything you install into the structure of the house becomes property of the landlord (meaning you can’t take it with you when you move).

Can anyone attest to the quality of how these sound?

How long have you been waiting (or have to wait)?

It’s been over a half hour since I put my order in and no confirmation yet.