CyberPower CST150XLU Mini-Tower UPS - 1500VA/900W

CyberPower CST150XLU Mini-Tower UPS - 1500VA/900W

@woot The listing for the 1350 model indicates that the batteries have been replaced during the refurb. This one doesn’t say that. Can you please confirm?
Also, the listing for this one says “reconditioned”, but this one lacks the -R in the model number that the 1350 shows… is this a refurbished one or new?


@Woot also trying to figure out the actual warrinty difference, this item lists in the first paragraph “The CST150XLU comes with a three-year warranty (including coverage of batteries)”

But if you scroll down then lists “Warranty: [1 Year Cyber Power]”
( With a link to a non existing page on cyber power’s website)

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@lioncow Good morning. Could you check the warranty on this one. I believe the listing states its refurbished with a one year warranty from Cyber Power, but the listing also mentions a battery warranty as mentioned by users above.


(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

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Awaiting answer before hitting the button…

You may be waiting awhile…Woot staffers are probably all sleeping in after the week long party.

But since it’s a refurbished, add in the fact Woot reuses the description from New items…I would guess that whatever warranty it is, it’s going to be the lesser one.

Just my opinion, I don’t work here or anything.

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C’mon @woot Do we press the shiny red button or not ?


Seriously, it’s a refurbished unit and y’all are wanting new products warranties. It may just be a 90 day warranty…

Still a good deal

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Is this worth it over the smaller one? Doesn’t seem like a lot of difference for 30 bucks more.

Okay. Here’s the thing. I don’t feel y’all are satisfied with my rough-and-tumble answers…

I have a plan for you:

  1. Buy the product.
  2. See what the warranty paperwork with the product says.
  3. Reach out and touch Woot customer service if it isn’t to your satisfaction “not as described”
  4. They’ll make good, one way or another…

You’re wasting your time tagging “woot” when there’s no one at that tag. Maybe @ThunderThighs would know?

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Yeah Lar, she’s out of town.

These guys are wanting an answer TODAY so they can get that sweet 10% discount on the Woot! app.

Trouble is…no buyers or vendors or woot staff here on Saturday.

TT has spoiled us.


I bought the 1350VA model a few years ago and it’s been a life saver. I keep all my devices plugged in and free from having to wait for them to resync when there’s a power failure or the breaker were to trip. The only reason why I’m getting this stronger unit is because my new gaming computer has so much pull I’m not sure the 1350VA will be enough

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Answers to questions

Hi guys.

  1. It is factory reconditioned as stated.

  2. The warranty is one year. The 3-year warranty was a copy/paste from somewhere.

  3. CyberPower replaces the battery as SOP so yes, the battery is replaced.



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I’m using the woot app and I don’t see where the extra 10% is taken off. I’ve don’t everything short of hitting the ‘place order’ button without seeing it. Any ideas?? Thanks!!

Uh…from what’s been posted, if’n yer on the app, and place yer order and don’t getcher discount…reach out and touch Woot CS and they’ll make it right.

It happens pretty late into the buy process…just try it.

Write back if’n it don’t work out.

Make sure you verify your address then let the page refresh. It should apply the discount.

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@Larry1977 would the larger size provide longer power if the same components were plugged into each one or would the only reason to get the higher power be for reasons such as yours?