Daily Offer 4/13/15: Cuisinart Cast Iron

Today at Home.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE IRON WE COULD CAST OUT OF THE MASSIVE CUISINART WE GOT LAST YEAR!!!

(tomatoes not included in sale; or tomatos)

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

LINK TO THE OFFER: http://home.woot.com/plus/cuisinart-cast-iron-7


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Cuisinart Cast Iron Casseroles
Price: $59.99 - 69.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Apr 14 to Wednesday, Apr 15) + transit
Condition: New


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Near perfect reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at The O


Check out the product page

I bought the seven quart blue dutch oven almost five years ago, and I use it a couple of times a month.

It’s been great, with no scratching or chipping. I use it for braising beef or pork, mostly. After its time in the oven I often put it on a burner and make gravy with it, often putting the stick blender to it.

Have had my Cuisinart 7 qt. round for almost 10 years and use it regularly. Looks like new outside, some slight staining inside. Used heavily for making “no-knead” bread. It’s ready out-of-the-box to be used in a 500° oven for the bread. Excellent quality & value, recommend highly!

Cast iron with an easy to clean interior. Win-win.

Ditto on the excellent reviews for the 7 qt!!
I use it for bread and stews and it is wonderful. Just can’t stomach the price of the French one!!
It is big and heavy, but when you’re making a big pot of green chile - or a pot roast - you need this size!
And a little bit of Bon Ami or Bartenders Friend gets the stains out, I find.

How do these compare to Le Cruset? I have a few French-made enameled cast iron pieces and love them, but the prices are kind of painful.

I’m assuming the answer is “yes” but it’s not specified, so I want to make sure.

Are these pre-seasoned?

Not sure if you are being serious or not. Enameled cast iron cannot be seasoned, as the exposed iron is already bonded to the coating. You do have to season the edges where there is exposed cast iron, but that is so it doesn’t rust and maintains the heat transfer from the pot to the lid. Neither cast iron nor enamel are good heat conductors, they are good heat sinks. Preheat these things for a long time and you’d be surprised at how stable the temperature can be even off of heat.

need some help, does the cuisinart cast iron work on induction cook tops?

You can look it up on the Cuisinart site. The one I looked up was ok for induction.

I guess the exposed edges mean this is not dishwasher safe?

I see dishwasher safe in the features of the ones I checked.

Cast iron works great on induction cooktops. I use my cuisinart cast iron pots on my induction cooktop all the time. Induction is perfect for these pots.

Where does WOOT get these overstated retail prices. The 7 quart shows a list price of $250. Even on the manufacturers site they are only $129

Good cookware… assuming it arrives intact. My enameled casserole arrived with a bunch of the enamel chipped away, and a face-off between Woot and Cuisinart over replacing it. Others have also had the replacement item arrive chipped, too (and had to pay for the shipping each time).