Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

To compare:

15 lbs $36.
15 lbs $40
15 lbs $47
20 lbs $41

Also this 20 lbs blanket is $59.99 but is offering me $15 off.

I don’t really see the deal here unless you’re dead set on these duvet covers or brand. Seems above low end pricing on Amazon for the actual weighted blankets.

The super blanket at $89.99 is a nice deal if you want something that heavy. I can’t find anything that will compare to that price at that size.


Well Woot is including 2 duvets, though I’m not about to start doing math now.

Agreed; if you want two duvets for your blanket, then this is a deal. If you just want the weighted blanket, there is a plethora of better pricing based on a very limited search via “”

Looks like duvets are about $9.99-$30.00 based on sizing but I am sure Woot’s will actually fit properly, you never know with these other vendors. I don’t personally see myself as a duvet guy… lol

I have a 15 lbs one that I got from Walmart and I just use it over my regular blanket. I typically take it off when I switch positions in the middle of the night. I bought it hoping it would help keep me still since I have nerve damage and sleeping a specific way helps a lot.


Be careful on Woot. Always compare the price of the item you’re interested in at Amazon or other retailers. The folks at Woot are masters at making a “not so good deal” look like the deal of the century. :smile:

Hey there! If you find a lower price somewhere else and it’s the same exact deal we are providing, please share it with us! (in link form!) We try our best to be the lowest but the internet is a big place so we def appreciate outside help when they find the exact same deal sold somewhere else.

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I got this blanket when it was on sale a few months ago. I love mine and having been watching the price on Amazon to get one for my husband. The is a very good deal–the lowest it has gone on Amazon for the 25 lb was $135.

Purchased this deal earlier in the year in the 30lbs version - still best deal I’ve found in this size and weight. It’s much larger than another I purchased (which was also about doubly expensive), it’s heavier, and the included duvets are great to keep it clean (you don’t want to wash the whole thing - trust me). Fits a queen size bed pretty well. Really a tremendous value overall.

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Ok, I’m trusting you guys. I just ordered one. I have a full silk duvet/blanket (silk fill) and love the way it snuggles around me. Looking forward to trying it out.

You should know not to trust us


When selecting the color… is that the color of the blanket itself, the duvet cover, or both?

The cover.