Dell Latitude 5175 10.8" Full-HD 128GB Tablet

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Dell Latitude 5175 10.8" Full-HD 128GB Tablet
Price: $219.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Aug 07 to Tuesday, Aug 08) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Seems like a pretty good deal.

Bought this for $199.00USD from Frys about 3 months ago. This tablet is awesome! Highly recommended! Get the keyboard with touchpad for it and you’ll think you have a laptop! Runs smooth. Sound is excellent!

How much do the key boards go for?

Only $199.99 ? It is factory recondition or not?

Fry’s has this now, refurbished, for $299. It is on clearance.

Looks like the standard keyboard for this older model is unavailable unless you order from Dell. You’ll pay them nearly as much for the keyboard as you would for this tablet.

There’s a listing on Amazon that looks almost right, except it shows the standard keyboard, but describes the “slim” one.

Does yours have the same 4G RAM that this one does? Does this thing seriously run Windows 10 smoothly on 4G of memory?

Does this use the same keyboard and docking station as the Venue?

Is the memory soldered on? If I can stick another 4gb in this would be a bargain.

I would be wary of any Dell Tablets. I purchased a Venue 11 from Woot, and it worked well for 18 months, until the Keyboard stopped working. Dell refused to even fix the product on my dime, saying they no longer supported the model. I couldn’t find any independent repair shops that would touch it either.

Is it possible to dual boot to Ubuntu Linux or any other distro? Can the memory be upgraded to 8gB by the user?

RAM is soldered on to the board, unfortunately. The only thing you can upgrade is the M2 SSD. There are a couple of teardown videos on YouTube that shows you how.

I’m on the fence with this one. Windows 10 can run fine on minimal RAM. Especially for light duty things like web browsing and email. But I tend to have a lot of tabs open, as well as stream music in the background. So more RAM would be preferable.

Price of the Dell keyboard is kinda nuts, but there’s a nice selection of mobile keyboards out there. So I guess that’s not a real issue.

Decisions, decisions…

you can try parts-people,com for dell repairs

I bought one. Got it Wednesday. It has Windows 10 Professional Education, which is nice because there’s not a lot of bloatware. It was obviously optimized to be deployed in an educational setting and had very limiting pre-installed McAfee settings. Removed McAfee, as it was strangling my personally preferred tweaks and optimizations. Installed Avast, instead.

I had to return mine. The bluetooth kept disappearing from device manager and the only way to fix it was to flash the bios. After 3 times with different BT devices, I gave up.