Dell Latitude 5530 i7 12th Gen Laptop (2022)

Dell Latitude 5530 i7 12th Gen Laptop (2022)

What is the difference between factory reconditioned and refurbished?

If you google the 2 terms there are many articles that pop up that would help you😊

Hi there, the below is a link to the Woot item condition glossary.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)


Factory reconditioned from dell has the same warranty that you get when you buy from the dell outlet store - which is the same warranty you get when you buy it new. I have bought and sold hundreds of dell factory reconditioned PCs over the years - and have had only a handful of issues - which they quickly resolved.

Should note that dell has different warranty types; send to them, they come out and repair it … so read the fine print at the bottom of the post to verify the length and type of warranty.

Dell also have different levels of refurbished - which woot doesn’t list - scratch/dent, and like new. I stay away from scratch and dent unless it’s a killer deal.

“Refurbished” could mean a legit refurbisher or some guy that uses canned air and a Clorox wipe.

In any event - I have bought numerous computers from woot and have been happy.

edit my company is an authorized dell reseller/partner.

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