Dell Venue 11 Pro 128GB Win8.1Pro Tablet

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Dell Venue 11 Pro 128GB Win8.1Pro Tablet
Price: $349.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Nov 12 to Monday, Nov 17) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Don’t recommend this. Spend more and get something higher quality like a Surface Pro if you want a Windows tablet. I bought exact same model from Dell outlet and SSD died after 2 weeks and I’m waiting for RMA.

Great price on a great tablet, especially with it being the core version. I’ve got quite a few of these deployed in the field and they’ve been rock solid for us. They’ve got a good selection of accessories and with the mobile keyboard you can get around 12 hours out of them. Id recommend this over the surface pro (even the 3), simply because of the price on this deal. I’ve had numerous Surface Pro’s in the field and have personally had every version. While they’re great systems and the SP3 in particular is one of the nicest systems you could own, my failure rates have been significantly higher than on my VP11s.

This is the correct product page

This is crap. Buy it if you need a plate. Or attach a clip and make it a clipboard. MS SP3 is superior in all metrics, and not near as flaky. Adding the keyboard dock has only added to the flakiness.

I am sure this is true but there is a HUGE price difference. This one is $350, the SP3 is almost $1,000

Hey all, just want to save you a little frustration here. As part of Dell’s factory reconditioning, they register the unit to the seller (Woot).

To use the warranty, you’ll need to transfer that ownership. Once you transfer ownership, you’ll be good to go on that warranty.

Dell Transfer Website:

Does it actually work? A buddy of mine is fighting with dell right now because of this very thing. He bought a refurb tablet off and dell says he does not own the tablet because they have somebody elses info in their system, but they won’t tell him who, so he can’t transfer it. He’s contacted the original seller and they refuse to help too. So he’s basically up a creek with a tablet now that can not be serviced by anybody… huge scam by dell.

Yep, it works. That’s why I posted it. :tongue:

From what I can tell from what wooters (and you) post, some Dell service reps aren’t aware of this.

Owning one of these (the beefier 256, 8 GB RAM version) I assert you can resolve most the “issues” reported with these by doing a clean install (not a reset) of 8.1 OEM

Actually getting OEM Windows 8.1 media is something of a hassle, but calling Dell and asking for it usually works. If they send a DVD Windows 7 USB Creator still works fine.

Regardless, once I did a pristine install of 8.1 I’ve had exactly ZERO issues with the device.

I also recommend the Dell Slim Tablet Keyboard as it does triple dual duty as a “kickstand”, folio, and input device. (Microsoft Store has the best price, but currently out of stock)

Avoid the Tablet Dock.

Well unfortunately for him, he can not fill the form out because he does not have the info about the previous owner. He’s been getting the run around from dell for a week now… Filed with BBB, the whole shabang.

If you want something similar (but for a LOT less $$)…check out the new WinBooks that Micro Center carries.

True the hard drive is quite a bit smaller and some of the other specs are a bit lower…I added a 64GB card to my 10" and it’s been great for basic use. I also had the 8" but ended up returning it, only because in Desktop mode the resolution was too hard on my old eyes…

Is there any word on the battery drain issues with this tablet? I read a lot of stories earlier this year of a lot of problems with battery life not even being close to expected when in standby.

I have to agree with you about the clean install. I bought one (the same beefier version you have) that the seller didn’t want because the OS was having issues. After a clean install and driver updates it works great and is pretty fast for such a small tablet and at this price point.

Also make sure you have a second computer handy when you do a clean install as you probably will need to download the wireless driver from dell’s website. Then download the driver updater and windows updates and it will be golden.

Edit: My one gripe is that it charges by micro USB, but needs 19.5V. It is cool the tech of sending 19.5V over USB but Dell is the only company that makes the chargers so they run at about $50 new or $30 ish dollars off ebay.

I’ll second this from experience… been there, done that. Avoid the headaches.

Does anyone know the model number of this tablet?

Maybe according to you. I have the Dell Venue 8 Pro and it is far better than the SP3.