Dell 10.8" Pro Intel i5 256GB SSD Tablet

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Dell 10.8" Pro Intel i5 256GB SSD Tablet
Price: $549.99
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Check out this “excellent” review over at pcmag.comand solid review over at

There are many variations of this tablet. Does anyone know if this is model 7130 with vPro?

[MOD: This is the 7130, the 5130 didn’t come with 4th gen intel processors.]

Dell Venue 11 Pro Product Support

Dell Venue 11 Pro User Guide

While I can’t say certainly, the hardware specs seem to match up with the 7130. More so than they do with the 5130. Take a look at the WiFi drivers available for both…

Man woot really boned us this time, I bought the 128gb 4gb ram model for $30 less just two days ago, this is the first time they’ve offered this better one with double the ssd+ram for $30. F*** me. I really needed the 8gb >:(

Does anybody have experience with the stylus’ usefulness for artists? I know it’s not included and I hear it’s an active Synaptics but I’ve been hearing mixed reviews.

Getting really hard to choose between this and an SP2 (or SP3) especially at this price point, but I trust Wacom (or N-Trig) for drawing more than I trust Synaptics.

I do not find the stylus in this (or the Venue Pro 8) to be at all comparable to the stylus in any version of Surface Pro. While I have not even picked the stylus for the Dell units up in a few months and they have continually updated the tablets and made revisions of the stylus itself, it never felt on par with wacom or n-trig. I would consider it good for note taking and document markup and that’s about it.

Ordered one of these last week on woot + keyboard to test at work (it’s cheaper than the Dell Outlet)… still waiting for it to come in …any day now :frowning:

bought one of these the last time it was on Woot… thought mine was new and not a refurb but i could be wrong… picked it up for the wife who is a teacher and wanted a replacement for the netbook she had been using to do grades/lesson plans on. She didnt like windows 8 and the touch interface initially but now she likes it a lot… I picked up the keyboard somewhere else (woot ended up having it the next day) and she likes using that as well… no experience with the stylus however…

Thanks. Unfortunately some really cheap SP1s just popped up on another website so my decision just got even harder. :stuck_out_tongue:

So these are the refurbs on all the returns they got over how crappy this thing was. I wouldn’t put much faith in them having fixed the problems.

So what does that say about the countless android tablet sales and refurbs that get sold on this site almost daily? The iPad shows up here often too.

I work in a corporate IT department and I just shipped almost a dozen of these things back to Dell over quality and performance issues. I had high hopes for the Venue 11 but the execution just wasn’t there and they suffer from a lot of issues. Honestly, I wouldn’t spend over $300 on these.

I agree, we got 3 for testing. There is no way we’d deploy these freezing, restarting, battery eating things. I wouldn’t spend my money on one of these

I almost bought one earlier this week. This is one time where my procrastinating paid off. And this is tax-free weekend in SC so I won’t later be liable for use tax (which would have been due had I purchased earlier this week). In for one of the 256/8 ones today!

Anyone got leads on a good source for the laptop style keyboard? The one with the battery that makes the thing last 15+ hours?

And the desktop dock?