Dell Venue 11 Pro Intel i5 Tablet

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Dell Venue 11 Pro Intel i5 Tablet
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I have the Venue Pro 8, which would be excellent if it weren’t for Windows 8.1, which just isn’t as good as Android or iOS yet. It’s not about the apps, which are improving, or about MS Office (which this should come with, but apparently does not). It’s about the implementation of all those things on the tablet form factor. It’s like whoever designed it was also using a mouse and a keyboard at the same time. My favorite example is that the ribbon toolbar in Excel, Word, or Powerpoint has very small buttons. Ah, no problem, I hear you cry; pinch to zoom!

Except you can’t. So you can’t press the buttons to change the font size or underline something, or anything that you might want to do. Mine is a great machine with reasonable battery life, a sharp screen, and a reasonably fast processor (this one is faster) but it sits, unused, gathering dust, as I type on my 4 year old PC running Windows 7, which works exactly the way it should. With a keyboard, and a mouse.

The specs are impressive given the size and footprint of the device. That said, and maybe I’m in a minority in this opinion, but this is way too much money for a tablet, regardless of the OS it runs. The agressive Woot! price makes it almost worthwhile, but that MSRP is way over any budget I’d be setting aside for something like this.

I’ve been using the Baytrail version of this tablet since December and it has worked great - esp for MS Office, financial management, ight photo editing tasks etc. Display is excellent, the optional mobile keyboard (w/internal battery) and dock are high quality, and Dell’s customer support has been excellent. I’ll be purchasing the I5 unit because I need more power for RAW photo editing, ripping audio & video that the Baytrail version doesn’t handle that well.

I picked up this same exact model from the Dell outlet with a coupon for $450. Toss in $130 for the mobile keyboard dock (w/battery), and I’d say I came out ahead of this deal.

Not an ideal form factor for a tablet (think a sheet of paper, but not as wide), if you’re used to an iPad or 10" Android. The active stylus (~$30) has seen some major updates and works well for taking notes, especially if OneNote is your cup of tea. It’s pretty good as an ultraportable, though some of the UI elements don’t scale well on the 1080p screen.

The mobile keyboard isn’t back lit and doesn’t have any extra ports. But the extra battery gives you up to 14 hours battery life.

This is a much better unit than the i3 model I first ordered back in December. All in all, it’s a decent price here, but you may get a better deal from Dell on their outlet website.

It says 8GB of RAM for this device, however, Dell doesn’t even market this tablet with that much. Can someone double check this spec? 4GB of RAM seems more appropriate…

If you look at the Dell Outlet site, you can get tablets with the exact same specs, so I believe the ones here are valid

My company replaced our laptops with this exact unit. Been using it daily for a month and I’m happy. Honestly I use it more docked to the mobile keyboard like a laptop as email and Salesforce are my main tasks while working. Plenty fast for these duties and easier and lighter than my old laptop. Still use my iPad3 as my go to tablet device but am coming around to this Dell unit. For what I use it for with work it is ideal but for some it will not replace the iPad.

Does this unit come with MS Office license as well? . And if so, does anyone know which version of Office… Pro or Home?

Also, does anyone know where we can buy accessories at a deal? Would like to get the mobile keyboard, the stylus, and perhaps the dock as well.

It should come with a stripped down version of office. I have one and it came with Word, Excel, Powerpoint and One Note. Outlook is not included but it’s free so it’s not too bad. The built in mail client works quite well but is of course no outlook.

It does not come with Office.

It’s not just a tablet… It’s an i5 touch enabled 2 in 1. This can do everything any tablet can do, and add the keyboard it can do everything any ultrabook can do. This eliminates the need for having 2 devices. It gets tablet length battery life and can be a full fledged windows machine running any piece of software you can throw at it. Plus it comes with office included so you are getting another $100+ worth of value from it. So how you say this is over priced for what you are getting just makes no sense, even at the MSRP.

Not Sure, but think this is the same unit listed on Dell’s website:


Gotcha…it also seems that they missed the weight. The 8 gb ddr3 versions of this thing tend to weight about 3 pounds (not 1.5). Seems a little beefy for use in tablet mode.

i had this exact tablet. it’s a P.O.S. Don’t buy this – the battery has major problems with connected standby barely holds charge overnight. lots of problems - google and read in tabletreviews all the problems.

Does anybody know if you can add cellular to these?