De'Longhi 4-in-1 Portable AC 700 Sq Ft

De'Longhi 4-in-1 Portable AC 700 Sq Ft

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What are the BTU s

The 500 square foot version is on sale brand new for $290

  • 12,500 BTU ASHRAE, 7,200 BTU DO
  • Model: PACEL275HGRKC-3AL WH
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Cools Rooms Up To 500 Square Feet In Total Area
  • 4-in-1: Cooling, Dehumidifying, Fan and Heat Mode
  • 3 Fan Speeds, Mode Selection and a 24-hour on/off Timer
  • Washable BioSilver Air Filter

Can I add a protection plan to this item from Amazon? Says for new or certified refurbished products.

I was wondering the same thing. This is direcly from the De’Longhi website for this unit, which is now been discontinued.

Maximum cooling capacity: 8700 BTUs (DOE) / 14000 BTUS (ASHRAE)

Any idea what the current draw is? Manual says see data plate on unit, um how am I supposed to do that?

I’d think twice before buying this. I had one damaged in transit, and I wanted a replacement. I got it at the beginning of June, and I’m still trying. Customer service has been unhelpful, and I don’t understand their unwillingness to help me.

They told me none were available, although I called the vendor and found they had at least one available. Now I see they are actively selling them again, and I can’t get a replacement for my damaged unit? I’m sorry, but that shouldn’t be.


The reviews I’ve seen have been really negative and seem to echo exactly what you’re stating. I wouldn’t want this with a 90 day warranty at all.

These refurbs are here for a reason.

I don’t know about that plan so best to contact them directly. We do offer a SqTr warranty. It’s at the top of the features. If you’re not seeing it, move to a device that supports Flash.

Hi there. Sorry it got damaged. It’s very likely that we didn’t have access to another at that time. We get these from a 3rd party vendor. If they don’t have the items available, we’re unable to offer a replacement. They sell to other companies besides us and in some cases, they have to wait on more units to become available from their source.

I have a similar unit. I am no electrician but can tell you this will run on a 20 amp circuit breaker as long as there is no other load on that circuit. If there is anything else on that circuit you will need a 30 amp breaker.


I purchased this last year on Woot (refurb) and it’s been good for my apartment. I use it almost every day during the summer. It’s a good deal when you consider the actual cost of these units at the Warehouse clubs.

doodah has the 600 sq. ft. version for $289.99 Free Shipping and its New:

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I just bought one of these from a warehouse club that was less powerful and more expensive. Holy moly. Can anyone who owns one graciously let me know what diameter the exhaust hose is? My situation (basement, very small windows near the ceiling) necessitates a longer than usual exhaust hose, and I wanna know if I can use the one I already have if I decide to return my unit for this one.

I’m not an A/C guy, but you may want to research this a little further depending on the length of the exhaust hose. I could be wrong, but the longer that hose, the less-efficient the unit will be I believe.

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Don’t I gel feel ripped off?
I bought the exact same thing on Amazon last week for $100 more.
It cools well. Very loud. I don’t think it would cool 700 sq feet. I’m in a 450 sq ft room with a mini split on one end and this portable A/C on the other. I currently have to close off a very small restroom in order to keep it cool.
I’m in a very hot and humid place, btw.
Still feeling like a fool over $100 though.

Direct from the vendor: Both 8700 BTU and 14000 BTU are correct. The standards that are used changed about a year ago so 14000 is based off the old standard and 8700 is based off the new one. Both can be used when comparing to other models as long as you’re comparing the output of the same standard. Regardless, it’s a bit more practical to use the square feet which this model is rated at 700 sq/ft.

definitely know the limitations of portable AC’s, as laid out well here:


My option instead of getting a longer hose is to lift it onto a high table I have, but I don’t feel great putting the unit up to get the hose to reach the window since the rolling casters don’t lock. The window itself is a couple inches too small for the shortest window units out there, too.l for window units, too. Portable ACs aren’t the best option, but it’s my only one.

Why not put it on a couple of 2X4s on the sides so it’s sits on those instead of the casters? Seems that would solve your table problem.

I just read it somewhere. 5.9 inches. Longest hose I found was 76".
Can you tell me how to get the hose on properly? I had to use my fingernails and push the hose over the ridges. It was tough.