De'Longhi 4-in-1 Portable AC 700 Sq Ft

5.9 inches

Thank you! We have been looking for a portable AC unit for the last 2 months for our upstairs where we sleep. I just got paid for some side-work and when this came up and I saw it was a De’Longhi, which I have heard is a good brand, I jumped on it last night.

This morning while reading these comments, I started feeling a little ill. Hearing that you are happy with yours gives me hope. :slight_smile:

I don’t think any portable AC unit is going to be great, but from experience with an AC going down in the middle of August, “any port in a storm” really applies. I didn’t want to spend the $260 we did when we needed one (same brand, different model), but I think I’d have spent just about anything for some relief from the heat by that point. We had success running one this size in a single guest room with the doors closed and a towel under the door to keep cool air in. It was about 95-98 degrees outside and we were able to keep a 250-300sf space at about 74 with it.

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I bought it. 14,000 BTU is probably overkill for my tiny bedroom but this summer has been so rough here >.<

Thanks for the link this deal blows woots out of the water since it’s new vs. refurbished. The reviews for this refurb are horrible on amazon

I think you nailed it right there. I’m not sure any are great unless opening up your wallet a bit wider.

But that being said, these portable units can still provide relief :hot_face:

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No portable last very long.

I will never, ever buy another portable AC from Woot again. I also got suckered into the last time they had Delongi Penguinos on deal. Less than two years ago. Put it in my bedroom upstairs that never seemed to get cold enough despite central air. It got frosty cold from the time I turned it on until about 2 hours later, then it would just make a lot of noise. So, I blamed my room being too large on the fact that it was less than effective and fast forward to just a few months ago putting it in my little 11x8 office space. No cooling at all. This thing is junk. I’m sorry I moved this ginormous pos with me. I did recently see a YouTube video where you can tap into the coolant lines for a refill, so if anyone wants one free, I’ve got one!

The most efficient units have 2 hoses anyways. One for exhausting the hot air and another for drawing in outside air to condition. You don’t want to condition already conditioned air.

Exactly at a certain point there is only so much a unit can do. There is only so much humidity that can be removed from the inside air. When you get to that point all you have in a noisy inefficient fan since air conditioning requires moisture removal in order to lower temperature. A single hose system is only going to work well for a few hours and then thermodynamics rears it’s ugly head.

I got that one on woot last year as a refurbished unit. It ran decently but started having problems since a few days ago. After running for about 10 mins the compressor turns off and the whole unit starts shaking. Definitely get a protection plan of some sort if you plan to get any of these refurb units.

Portable units are horribly inefficient. Effective cooling BTUs on this one are 8700 out of 14000= 62%! If you have the space for a window unit, that’s the way to go. These often require draining in a high humidity environment as well.

CaptFear is correct. Closer you get to the exhaust better it will work. More than more than 5 ft or so makes it worthless.

I bought this a few months ago and it didn’t come with the part that attached the hose to the unit. Woot offered to refund but I opted to purchase the part through the manufacturer for $25 (turns out I could have bought it cheaper on ebay-live and learn). The unit itself was pretty banged up and the outside housing had to be realigned by removing some screws and pushing it back in place. Why bother? We had already brought it up a flight of stairs to our cabin to replace a smaller unit that couldn’t handle the 27ft ceiling height of the A-Frame 2 story cabin. We use it in the main living area kitchen, dining, living room, back porch/laundry area, and 2nd story loft, leaving the bedroom doors shut as it cools down at night.
This unit is AWESOME! It’s quiet and cools the large area very well. It has a whisper quiet mode on it that is really quiet. I did put it on a wood crate so the hose would reach the window to vent it.
These work best if you start them before the room gets too hot. Even with all the issues I’m happy with my purchase and the money I saved versus being a new one.

Does anyone know the max window width for the installation? Mine are very wide and I’m not sure if it will stretch enough to fit. I can’t seem to find it in the manual or on the manufacturer website.

I bought a refurb delonghi 1 year ago. When I started using it it smelled awful.
I peered inside and there was mold all over the fan blades. Woot kindly returned it.

I would NOT by a refurbished AT ALL. I got one from wootx checked to to see if it had any shippiment damaged, turned on (to see if powered up) and left in a box for a about 4, 5 months or so (had no need at the time). Months passed and finally need to use it and it worked … well, did not have nothing to compared … until a few months later my neighboor got one (NOT REFURBISHED - from AMZ) and his unit putted my to ashame … I always think my worked until seem his unit. Save time to yourself. Seems a good deal now, but stay away. get a warranty … the moderator already said: THEY GET IT FOR A 3rd PARTY …
IF you decide to get it: Good gambling!

Mine is in a 36" window and only open about halfway. Each piece is about 24" long. I have two extra expanders that came with it.

Got mine yesterday. Refurb sucks. Body of unit was not even put back together properly. Was hoping quiet mode would be quiet. Sounds like i am running an old garbage disposal. To add insult to injury WOOT is selling unit now for $60 less than I just paid.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the problems. Please reach out to Woot! Customer Service (see below).

The other AC unit you’re seeing for less is an Open Box unit.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.