DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

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DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater
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was trying to post a video but it is just not working for me today. Here is a nice little link for you

We have one of these. It’s the best space heater I’ve ever used. The only problem we have is that one of our cats is IN LOVE with the heater. She not only spends all of her time in front of it, but will literally lick it over and over until her whiskers get curly. Nuts.

Thanks for attempting to post the u tube flick again, but still does not work.

I have some questions if someone is in the know please:

How efficient are these heaters OR how big of a room will one heat - are they as good as a regular electric heater please?

When mounted on a wall can one be near other items such as a picture frame above it a few inches OR could it be mounted on a kitchen island (with an overhanging lip a few inches above on top of the island)?

I have no heater in my kitchen and limited floor space for a conventional type of heater, and if one of these will work on a wall it would be perfect for my situation - just needs to put out an appreciable amount of heat and be safe…

Thanks for any help…

I’ve suffered from “cold panel” for years,this may be the answer to my prayers,

I just went to YouTube and typed in Delonghi Heater and found the review with all the information. From that I will be purchasing this, and the price is great, or so I think.

Is this a new unit or a refurbished?

I have an older version of this heater, and it is my favorite silent heater. Aside from the occasional click when the thermostat cycles, it is totally silent.

All electric heaters are 100% efficient. That said, without a fan, the Mica Panel heater does NOT heat an entire room evenly, but works great as supplemental heat for a small area like a kitchen or bedroom. I also set it on low and aim it under the kitchen sink to keep the pipes from freezing when it’s -15 outside.

My heater came with a wall-mounting kit, but I have wallpaper and the back of this gets HOT, so I am concerned about discoloration of the wallpaper so I keep it floor-standing.

Dang reviews on the micathermic technology are pretty crappy on longevity…that’s my only worry about these. sucks to be happy about a purchase then have it go tits up in x-months. Does anyone have long-term experience to share?

The delonghis seem to have pretty high positive review counts, contrary to its other micathermic competitors though, but more than trivial signs that quality control can be spotty. I can never tell if online reviews reflect truth, or manipulation and marketing.

We had a nervous little male cat that had the bad habit of spraying urine to mark his indoor territory. When that stuff hits an exposed heating element, it’s awful. Be thankful yours is female.

BTW, our guy once sprayed a running table fan…talk about peeing into the wind.

Not much coverage without any sort of fan to move the heat around. It would be good for a VERY small area but anyone needing to heat a room would be far better off opting for one of the infrared heaters they frequently offer here.

Currently out of stock at amazon. But here’s the historic prices. Judge for yourself whether this is a good deal or not.

My guess is new, but I’m waiting for confirmation from the buyer.

UPDATE: Buyer confirmed, these ARE new.

If you want to warm a small area quickly, but a cheap fan forced electric coil heater. They are like 15 bucks at Walmart. They produce a lot of heat fast.

If you want to warm a room, buy one of those electric oil filled radiators. They take a while to get hot, but they provide an even heat that fills a room.

All of these other fancy alternatives are a waste.

Also, on really cold nights it is perfectly safe to run an electric oven all night with nothing in it. All of the heat produced in the oven will slowly enter the room (most through a vent on one of the back burners) On really cold nights, I put my oven on a 6 hour cleaning cycle and watch my thermostat (and electric bill) rise.

Oh man, we LOVE these! I bought one on Amazon a few years ago and we loved it so much we bought another for the guest room. Lifesavers in the evil damp SE Louisiana winters. It did indeed heat the bedroom (15x15) in our utterly uninsulated, no-HVAC-having house. Evenly? No. But enough. On 40F nights, this heater saved our lives. Important to note, that one of the plugs went kaplooey while plugged in and running. It was a bit scary. Big pop, big sparks, big dead heater, murdered outlet. We were so ready to say “Whatevs, old house” and replace the heater with the same model but they were sold out. That was nearly two years ago.

We finally got HVAC, but still drag this baby into the LR and aim it at ourselves on the super cold days when the HVAC simply can’t move the temp above 60.

I’d buy one again if I needed one, but yeah. Plug go boom.

Almost through our second winter with this heater (purchased on Amazon). I use it for REALLY cold days as a supplement to a DeLonghi oil filled. When it’s 10 degrees F outside, the oil filled heater just doesn’t get our 15x15 room warm enough, so I turn this on while I’m in the room working at my desk.

I wouldn’t leave this one on when I’m out of the room, just because it gets hot to the touch on the front and I’d be afraid the cats would push it back into the curtains or something (it rolls VERY easily). Due to the wiring in the room and the power this thing pulls, I only have one outlet option in the room while the other heater is running or I’ll trip a breaker. BTW, our cats LOVE this heater. One of them just sits inches in front of it staring at it all day, getting his face nice and warm.

The heat comes straight out of the front of this unit, meaning if you’re in line of sight of it up to 5-6 feet away, you really feel it, otherwise it’s just a little ambient heat. I just point it at my desk to take away the chill.

If you have a place to wall mount it, and had a slightly smaller room to heat, it would probably work really well on its own.

I have been using quartz heaters for about 10 years now for a large bathroom)and love the ‘no fan’ features, I certainly don’t want a breeze of any kind when getting out of the shower.

As for my office, my two computers that run 24/7 are all the heat I need, and mostly don’t want and use a fan. Heaven forbid I put the coke machine back in service.

I think I’ll try one of these