Denon DVD Entertainment System with iPod compatibility



They sure are glitchy today. This switched to the sold-out Caviar refurb as soon as I hit refresh. Did anybody buy one, or is it next in queue?


oh jeebus, another high priced woot. too bad i already have a really awesome entertainment system and i dont really have an iPod to use that compatibility feature. lets hope there aren’t too many of these.


Shouldnt things be like 30% cheaper than usual.


;ooks like time for lunch
BTW anyone know how long the shortest wootoff ever was?
I know the last one was two days


I honestly don’t see a lot of people paying 600 bucks for a DVD player (ipod compatable or not) with HD-DVD right around the corner.


Got me a couple of those hard drives w00t! lol… I was in best buy a couple of days ago… Denon’s like BOSE only no one’s heard of em (at least I haddn’t till i saw this thing @ best buy, the display sounded awesome and it was $999.99. This IS a bargain but… I don’t need a home theatre system… o.0


This one might take a while. 600 bucks for a decroted piece of crap.


I would get the Harman Kardon instead for the same price on Ebay—way more for the money!


You could probably unload this thing for $700.00 on eBay.


At $600 this is probably good for a couple hours… give me time to get dressed and drive to work :slight_smile:

Probably a good deal if you need a nice system and have 600 bucks burning a hole in your pocket. The Bose system that it is trying to imitate is like $1500, and isn’t nearly as good as this Denon - I’m sure the Denon blows away the Bose in sound quality, plus it has the much-coveted i-pud hookup.


that was weird. Before the caviars ended, I saw the dvd thing, then I refreshed, and it was still there (but had the quanity left bar of the hard drives) and it said the first woot of the dvd took 15 minutes, then after 3 refreshes, it went ot the sold out hard drives.


My husband made me get one…he said its compatible with Bose which he was going to buy…saved about 400 bucks too…or thats the crap he is telling me anyway!


There are 50 of these.


woot tee eff is going on around here?

it’s rather entertaining. if i keep hitting refresh, it keeps bouncing back between the hd and this stereo thingy. much more entertaining than the guy next to me puking in his garbage can.


by my count there are 25


not hi-def = i don’t care.



DVDs are not included


You guys are silly. The first time you don’t want an item in the woot-off you say “That’s it…woot-off killer. Bye bye… /you throws hands up in the air.”

Don’t give up so easy.


With 92 percent left, one person bought 1 and 1 person bought three so 4 were sold.

If 4 equals 8 percent, there should be a total of 50 of them.