Derby #481: Graffiti Tags



About them slogans…
At what point does a quote from a movie, video game, etc become copyright? “That’s no moon” is used a lot and never questioned…
But are there any common rules about this?
Thanks in advance!


i think it is when it happens to be copy righted. for example nintendo copyrighter “it’s on like donkey kong” even tho it didn’t originate in any of their games nor did they come up with it.


That example makes sense, because it has a name of a product in it.


Will somebody explain why in the world no cream tees are allowed? I’ve been voting in the derbies for about 3 weeks now… and I’d really like to know. If I were a cream colored tee shirt, I would feel very picked on…


Check out this thread.


Hey, thank you for letting me know. I thought the question had probably been asked before, but I didn’t know how to find it. :slight_smile: