Derby 668 Preview:

Derby 668: Life in the Style of Anime -
We love the unique visual stylings of anime because it’s awesome, and we love life because we’re not unfeeling monsters. And next week’s derby is an epic mash-up that brings them both together. Designs should show a slice of life rendered in the style of Anime. And by “slice of life” we mean anything from the mundane minutia of everyday living to some popular piece of pop culture. No cats, no cream, and no characters from actual Anime/Manga franchises.

Don’t like that topic? Here’s an alternative: We’re also looking for great designs of a parody/non-infringey nature that feature popular characters, elements, or themes from actual Anime franchises. They can’t go in the Derby, but you can submit them through the standard submission portal.

And don’t forget to visit & weigh in on our forum thread about the Derby!

I suck at drawing anime, but I love this kind of theme!

Awww no cats again! worse still, no anime cats, maybe there will be an anime cats only derby soon, that’s probably correct :cat2:

politically incorrect anime cats, to be sure…

Does this count as cruel and unusual punishment yet?

3 weeks and no cats. WHY?! You’re not trying to break a record set for rules against a specific topic, are you?

Granted, back in the days, it was because of one artist.

129: No bunnies.
130: No bunnies.
131: No bunnies.
132: No bunnies.
135: No bunnies.
138: No bunnies.
139: No bunnies.
141: No bunnies.
142: No bunnies.
143: No bunnies.
146: No bunnies.
149: No bunnies. No penguins.
151: No bunnies. No penguins.
153: No bunnies. No penguins.
154: No bunnies.
158: No bunnies. No hamsters.
159: No bunnies.
160: No kittens, bunnies, or penguins.
178: No bunnies.
181: No bunnies.
182: No bunnies.
183: No bunnies. … no kittens or penguins either.
184: No bunnies or penguins.
185: No bunnies. No penguins either.
186: No bunnies, kittens, or turtles.
195: No bunnies or squirrels.

Someone should try an aimie baby looking a little like a bunny/cat/penguin cross, what a combo,

Yeah, the one that would have done such doesn’t participate here anymore.

Thankfully. Let’s not invoke the name of that which must not be said.

lol. you talking bout ramyb?

crap. oops. lol. he was burning me out back in the day with those cute little animals that would crush every derby!

Remember, the term “turbunquin” was invented from his antics…

It’s what the Wooters wanted. Back then, he found and figured the audience here – and catered to it. Alas, years of egging him to “take your dreck elsewhere” started the backfire one day after the changing of the blanks was announced. And a reason why cute doesn’t have the same audience as it did 6+ years ago.

Side note: Last year, I was quite surprised to see Diana Sprinkle as a staff artist there. @PHP as art director didn’t surprise me as much, though.

I don’t recall who coined that portmanteau, but I miss Adder’s posts … sometimes.

I don’t recall either, I just think it was in regards to his wheel house.
I miss adder, too. For me, he was like that talk radio host. I agreed with most of what he said, but he did it with such panache that bleeding hearts had to stand up for his targets just on principle.

Narf, been meaning to ask you. Do you have this shirt? It’s one of my favorites because nobody gets it right away.

I don’t think so. Definitely not through direct means, at least.

Reason why I’m not for certain: on finds like this …

… it becomes quantity over quality.

(Note the item counts. I sent a PM to the one I believe donated the latter, but never heard anything back.)

That is an awesome shirt! I hope bringing this up will help get it to show up in a side sale (soon).

On the derby submission guidelines page, it says a max of 6 spot colors. Apologies for being out of the loop for so long, but I see a bunch of shirts with way more than 6 colors. Is the color limitation still a thing? Just looking for clairty. Thanks!!

No longer a limitation.

The verbiage will be revised … eventually. Just like any reference to mini-derbies and the opening post of the top 20. Wootbot hasn’t done a “juice demand and prime the pump with a little weekend reminder post” in years and years.