Derby #726 UPDATE: Heroes & VILLAINS!

On Monday September 23rd at noon CST, the Heroes derby will end and a new derby will begin…Heroes & VILLAINS!

You must take your design from the Heroes derby, add an ELEMENT* of your heroes villain to the design and resubmit to the new derby.

You may only revise your design up to 25% in order to accommodate the new element of your villain but you may not completely revise your design.

There can be no new entries in this derby that were not already submitted to the Heroes derby. Essentially only entries from the Heroes derby can be entered into the Heroes & Villains derby. All other entries WILL BE REJECTED if there is not a clear corresponding entry in the Heroes Derby.

Votes from both derbies will be tallied together to determine the winners! Best of luck!!

  • An element of your villain means it can be a mark left by the villain, a sign of, or the illusion of. You DO NOT need to draw the entire villain but you may if you want. The villain does not need to be a character or a villain in the comic book sense, the ‘villain’ can be the opposite or negative of your chosen subject matter.

I love the creativity here, but I can I just say this sucks?

I don’t really have time to design during the week and by doing this I can’t do the halloween derby. My time would be too divided. So if I don’t do it, I’ve basically lost because I’ll have half the votes of everyone else that does.

/rant Sorry if this is just me/my reaction, but I’ve got a little “Thanks, I hate it” thing going on right now. :frowning: We really should have been told in advance about this IMO.

(and yes, I’m going to try to do it anyway :slight_smile:)


@Lady5tark should the entries have the same name?

I appreciate creativity but I think the 25% new element thing is too restrictive. I think you’d do better to pick up a complete villain week after halloween. Maybe have some kind of bonus for tie ins? Again, I appreciate the effort. Don’t think it will work.

So which design will be printed if you are adding the villain element to it?

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The villain design.

So far it’s working, cause it’s happening. It’s exciting for customers that follow the derby and most artists seem to be in to it. If it’s not for you it’s OK to sit this one out, you don’t have to wait long for the Halloween derby to launch!

(September, right? Not October 23rd?)

@Lady5tark Um, what if the first one is better. Asking for a friend.

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Yep…whoops…I’m ahead of myself

Stopping designers from entering because they did not enter a previous derby… Villainous indeed

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SOL…or save it for another derby? Sub it to the regular portal?

The votes from each round of this Heroes and Villains Derby total together to determine the winners, correct?

Man. I have the same question, guy. This is ridiculous. Last I checked, 18+67=85, which is not the highest score out there. And that’s using 67 as a tie score with the wine opener designer.

These numbers don’t add up. I think some clarity and transparency needs to happen. It’s very confusing for the people who vote for the designs they want to see win… only to have that whole process upended randomly. There’s no consistency. And that’s a problem.

The winners of this derby were chosen by editorial decision.