Derby Contest Preview #756: Style Swap!

This can be done a few different ways…

  1. You use the characters from one universe and illustrate them in the style of another.

  2. You come up with a concept that you give to another artist to render, and they give you something to illustrate.

  3. Working with another artists permission, you try to render your design in their style.

The theme is open to anything you decide. We encourage you to partner up on this one!

No politics, no cream shrits.

*This Derby begins MONDAY April 6th at 8pm, CST. & ends MONDAY April 13th at 8pm, CST. The three winning designs will be featured as the Daily offers Tuesday-Thursday. Great designs that don’t win may be included in an Editor’s Choice sale on Friday, so be sure to check back and see who makes the cut!

Please be sure to email your artwork to as soon as you submit!

If you want to submit any off-topic designs, submit here!

If you are new to the derby and want to participate, WELCOME! Also, please check out our full derby guidelines over here!

You can also download updated templates for your artwork over here . Happy designing


I love this. Thank you @Lady5tark



Great subject. This is been how I have been explaining how to avoid IP for like 10 years for those that look at some woot designs and say… “how can they do that without getting sued…” Usually by my artsy friends.
I give this style swap idea as a safe way to pull it off.


Woo hoo! I’m so glad you all like it!

So… just a basic parody derby then? :slight_smile:

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How do we submit the main template psd when it is over 20mb compressed?

They’ll take a flattened PNG. If it’s still too big you can send them a share link from a file sharing service (amazon drive, box, etc)

Excellent. Thank you!

I thought for some reason they needed the layered files for printing. I mean… not that they are going to print any of my stuff anytime soon, but if the instructions say to submit something, by gosh I shall submit it!