Derby entry comments for Derby #106: Double-Take Derby 6

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I love this one.

this is sweet

Hope you like it the second time around!

Your support is appreciated!


Were You Aware?

That this design was inspired by the works of Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami?

Were You Aware?

That 36% (4 out of 11) of my derby entries to date involved characters wearing bowties?

Thank you Woot and voters for giving this a second chance!

Were You Aware?

That this design is my most hearted shirt on Emptees?

Were You Aware?

That 36% (4 out of 11) of my derby entries to date have involved animals wearing silly hats?

Thank you Woot and voters for giving this design a second chance!

Here’s a close-up of the owl for anyone interested :smiley:

Thanks for any and all votes!

I really love your style. Please submit more often. :slight_smile:

GMV again.

Let’s get this printed!

Friends with snails

Their 5 city band tour only took 7 years.

i normally hate these flippin things but this awesome.

Playing for Keeps

The real reason Pluto is no longer a planet…

An explanation of the design!! Yayy!

Red Giant and White Dwarf are enjoying a game of marbles. To further explain how this fits the space theme, Red Giants and White Dwarves are both star stages, and the “red giant” and “white dwarf” are playing marbles with our planets. Pluto is out of the marble ring because it was revoked of “planet status”.

Credit goes to my rather clever boyfriend for coming up with the “Red Giant, White Dwarf” idea.

I hope this one is able to print. I really, really do. : )

Jewel, goodluck. I really want another one of your shirts for my wardrobe.

GMV for this one.


This is from the Air Derby. Please vote!

The color contrast between the blue and gold really makes this piece.

Thanks in advance for any votes and comments, so glad to see this one up again!

This is from the Steampunk Derby. Please vote!

NASA’s new Constellation training program, thanks to budget cuts to pay off bankrupt companies who somehow found $ to reward do-nothing executives.