Derby entry comments for Derby #128: Things That Start With The Letter V

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Happy New Year all.

Don’t mess with these guys. They’re Vikings.

Feedback and votes welcome - thanks!

happy new year. : ]

Very pretty… wish the background circles were a bit more organic though.

The volatile assistant holding the viscous liquid may have vivid delusions from living vicariously thru the professor.

This was inspired by real life, which pretty much looks just like this right now!

Laser eyes bunny!

I like the story-board feel to this. Very nice

I really like your colors.

okay, I laughed. clever!

a simple one…back to the couch now

Nice. and gratzi on 1st place.

I like the potato. I wouldn’t mess with him.

Sweet. reminds me of loading the old illustrator

I hope this wins

Vikings murdered people.

I think this is just stunning. Would buy this in a heartbeat.

It came from outer space?

I think I screwed up the comp size, so it’s got a bit of woot optimization going on, if you want it a bit clearer, you can see it on my site.

Rejected: No Shirt Comp

Now wait for it…

love this.