Derby entry comments for Derby # 167: Meme Mashup!

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I hope you like it!!

Is it wrong to love dumb, empty things? Maybe, but Lolrus’ love for his bukkit is real.

This design is six colors on blue, and combines the Lolrus, Haters Gonna Hate (carefree walk) and Awesomeface memes… It’s best not to overthink these things.


Annoying Orange, Star Wars Kid, and of course, Justin Bieber.

The three memes are lolcat cheezburgers, the cake is a lie, and that one face.

…name the memes?

Helmet cat, Keyboard cat, Cheeseburger cat, in the middle of a kung-fu battle in space!

It’s hard to stay classy in meme week, but I really love your colors and the way you drew this, especially the keyboard. It’s a great design, Naolito. :slight_smile:

this would explode under a black light Nice design!

Leeroy Jenkins, Pancake Rabbit, This is Sparta! and Double Rainbow.

Hopefully this is amusing to some:)

And here is one of the memes referenced for your viewing enjoyment.
Kitty Cat Dance
(Warning - can get stuck in the brain!):smiley:

Memes in here:
Kitty Cat Dance
Standing Cat
X is not amused
Haters Gonna Hate
Monocle Cat
O’RLY? Owl.

Helmet fruit cat, leo, sad keanu, dramatic chipmunk and double rainbow.

Nicely done. :^)

Is Leeroy Jenkins a meme from World of Warcraft or Penny Arcade?

Amateur is spelled wrong

nice work! the best so far

I’m a big fan of how clean you kept this.

I some how knew this is how it would end… I have a feeling I won’t be purchasing any shirts this week, but I applaud your execution and concept.

This is actually really wearable. Nice.

Agreed - awesome!

In the fog until the end. Mark my words. :^)

Cool design PS.