Derby entry comments for Derby #191: Robots Save the World

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A new set of laws for robots to save the world.

Here’s what it might look like with the metallic silver ink. I used the ‘solid gelt’ metallic sample from the pre-derby thread:

6 colors, which includes metallic.
Metallic silver for the inner blade.

When one looks back upon the Age of Robots, one is drawn to reflect upon one of the last entries in the Eschelon Nine data archives, still yet active in the Flux of Time Museum. The passage follows:

Robo-2814-xG: What do the official annuals say the inscriptions on the sword signify?

Robo-3841-xM: Ah, many have speculated upon the inscription. Many prominent scholars of the digi-plains of Korvel believe it to be the archaic runework of the Invisible Folk, a speechless race that spelled the earth before even the time of Man and his great cities. Others claim it to be the elemental language of Metal, imbibing the blade with a supernatural edge and strength. The latter theory surrounds the intilibots of Skyfell with suspicion, suggesting that they themselves forged the blade, plotting the downfall of our timeless robot civiliation. I, myself, believe the contrary. I believe the blade to be divine, gifted to the wielder, Domo Ari Gato Mr. Roboto, the Savior and Protector of us all, who even now repels the alien hordes. But here I’ve rambled on again. To address your query, as to what it says… I’m sorry, 3841-xM, but no-one knows. Do you have data? BeeP

Robo-2814-xG: 3841-xM, I have cross referenced the inscription with a new finding from the ruins of Xowoot. I am certain it reads something along the lines of, “Flesh or steel, may the vessel that holds this metal always have heart.” It is a very efficient language, that of the Invisible Folk.

Robo-3841-xM: I will herald this important data to the Halls of Eschelon Nine. Your service to the core is BeeP honorable.

Robo-2814-xG: I currently serve in Sector 2814. Contact if my service is required.

Here is slightly larger version, you’ll have to open it in a new tab to see it fully. Enjoy!

The Earth just needed a few more joules.

Thanks EVERYONE that helped me out with this one–there were a lot of you and I really really appreciate it!

saturn is a jerk.

People are very stubborn, instead of trying use and develop clean sources of power, they created a fleet of pollution capturing robots to save our planet.

A few detailed shots.

You say “Robots saving the world!”, I can’t help it-- I immediately think of saving innocent cityscapes from rampaging mutant critters.

Would love any and all critiques-- I have so much to learn about design!

B.E.V.E. (Biological, electronic virus eliminator) has a huge responsibility on his metallic shoulders. His job description is to get rid of every single disease-causing virus in the world. Sounds like an impossible task. Not so for B.E.V.E. With his organic drug, he fuels his bug-eradicator gun (and his own system) and earnestly gets down to work. Did I mention that the drug is renewable? It is made from all the exterminated bugs at the end of a hard day’s work!

Don’t Look Back, I’ve Got You.

In society’s darkest hour, we must rely on the United Robotic Nations to assemble for diplomatic, round table discussion to adress key concerns plaguing the world such as the responsible use and management of non renewable resources. and the economy. and war and stuff. They are our only hope

In Greek mythology Atlas held up the Heavens and Leto birthed Apollo, god of the sun. In my version it works similarly, only Leto has a Plasma gun that is as hot as the sun…same thing right? Invaders beware, two towering Titans guard this Earth.

Your mutant is adorable!!

Absolutely gorgeous! I absolutely love where you take each derby.

My literal take on the theme.

saved :slight_smile:

A giant robot on a metal unicorn with a flaming sword. You fool! Don’t you know how close this is to critical mass of true win?


Awesome job Kasey. As always.

Nice job! Metal is a tricky surface to capture, especially with only 6 colors. Fantastic composition.

Stupid Liberal Robots.