Derby entry comments for Derby #131: Palindromes

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Evil Olive.

6 Evil Colors on Olive.

No Garden, One Dragon

Six colors on Cream.

Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?

…And then the whole ship blew up.

Part of U.S. is UFO Trap

I know, I know, why doesn’t the alien just beam up the cow? Because there’s a big box in the way, duh!

Simply beautifully drawn. Great colors in this. GMV.

The first 11 (palindrome) digits of pi expressed in digit pairs that have been translated into base 4 or base 6 as palindrome numbers. Geek out.

Hope you like it.

Some detail

I had fun drawing this… its simple, but I only had an hour to work on it.

Thanks for the votes!

I like it, but I think if you could darken up the dragons colors it would be awesome. Works perfect with the theme. (DGMV unless you darken it up)



Do Geese See God?

I wrote 6 colors in the comp out of habit, but I promise it’s actually only 5 colors on navy. :wink:

Holy crap. I love this. GMV.

Sweet, I really wanted to see OJ’s balls. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a five color design that will probably make you want to run to the store and grab some deli meat, cheese and crackers–or maybe a dachshund. Just don’t eat a dachshund.

I really love this design~ I hope it gets made into a shirt.

Regal Lager: The real king of beers! Not sold in stores, not sold in bars, available only for a limited time — and only if you vote! So vote now!

… pweeze?

HAHAHAHAHAHA… out of all of the taco cats I have seen, this one takes the cake… or chiro.

This is so cool. Who knew olives had that much, um, juice in them. Gruesome.