Derby entry comments for Derby #193: Catchy Slogans for Everyday Products

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Saved :slight_smile:

T-Shirts: Hiding your failed diet …while displaying the reason it failed.

You’ll have to rip the sleeves off yourself.

4 colors on heather


3 colors on orange

Just in case you are over the age of 15, the slogan reads “Texting: Destroying the English language one teenager at a time.”

Use soap. PLEASE.

Sure, you’ll mainly be caving in the skulls of headcrab zombies with this crowbar - but just feel the weight of this bad boy. The balance of it in your hand. This is medium grade carbon steel. It’s perfect for prying out loose nails, separating wooden boards, wrecking, jimmying…

What? I had you at zombie? Well it’s a popular choice, sir. Cheaper than bullets. Here you go, your new best friend.

Here’s a close-up detail:

This is six colors on asphalt. See a BIG VERSION here.

Thanks for looking! Please vote if you like this design. :slight_smile:


Thanks very much to the helpful feedback in the pre-derby thread!

Note: This shirt strongly suggests using libraries (they’re free!) and used book shops (nearly free!), swaps, trades, lending and passing on books to others as much as possible, rather than buying new books.
Use the e-readers whenever that is not possible;) - for the sake of the trees!

saved :slight_smile:

I hope my TV forgives me after seeing this one. (I love you TV. Don’t ever leave me.)

“Red Shirts”

The generic product for this is red shirts, just encase it’s not clear. =)

A play on the idea of red shirt’s dyeing your laundry pink and the fact that red shirts on Star Trek died way tooo much. Cough, it’s a feature!

A cllab bteween me and josephs

my idea, his art.

Thanks to Midgerock for helping me figure out the punchline to this joke.

Cheetos stains are just regular halftones:

thanks for lookingggg!

COLOR: Crescsentdebris

They look so hungry!!!






So good! +1

2 colors on Brown

Thanks to everyone who offered their valuable advice!

In 1801 William Playfair is said to have invented the pie chart, and ever since people have been wishing for more pie and less charts. And don’t let me get started on doughnut charts.