Derby entry comments for Derby #227: Sci-Fi Kawaii

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This is six colors on a slate tee. See a BIG VERSION here!

Thanks for looking, please vote if you’d like this to become a shirt. :slight_smile:

Birds gather on a line when a storm approaches

“Jammie Dodger” - definition: The Doctor’s favorite snack. A jam filled biscuit.

Also see “Jammy” (brit. slang for lucky) and “Dodger” (someone very good at avoiding things). :slight_smile:

This is six colors on navy. See a BIG VERSION here.

Thanks for looking!

saved :slight_smile:

The Incredible Stalk

He was a nice cauliflower before he got mad :stuck_out_tongue:

They created it. They watched it grow. They knew the terrors it was capable of. Never did they suspect that it would escape, bent on sowing a path of death, destruction, and …cuddles. :3

His new friend seems totally okay with the fact that he cleared the beach. And ate someone. More room to build sandcastles, right? HIGH FIVE.

Six colors on navy, which is exactly who they’ll be calling. Or the coastguard. Maybe Martin Brody. I have a soft spot for those horrible sci-fi movies with ridiculous monsters that are really hybrids of real-life animals. I also have a soft spot for sharktobearpusses. This one is clearly a polar sharktobearpuss, obviously, escaped from a government laboratory in…I dunno, Alaska?

Two shirts will probably NOT be a regular thing from me, but I had wicked insomnia last night/this morning.

Click here for a better look, but don’t get bitten!


Thank you and don’t go in the water.

Chibified robot from the Cyber Punk derby. Hope you guys like it!

6 colors on Navy

Sci-fi references in here, but I think it works (and tried to make it so) without the references as well. They’re just a bonus if you like them.

I was thinking that just because the Jedi and Sith are enemies, doesn’t mean that their lightsabers are.

Collaboration with Ignorant!

Cats what are you doing. You shouldn’t be in that laboratory. You are cats. You don’t even have clearance to be in this sector and now you’ve unleashed an unstoppable gooey mousy mess. Get out of there, you are cats.

You remember when the science guys in a movie have done something really silly and the entire audience is profoundly aware of it? You remember the feeling you got when they realize they ruined EVERYTHING after yelling at the screen to stop ruining everything? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Five colors on navy. Again. I really, really struggled to use another color, but after sticking it on several different ones this just looked the best to me, so forgive me for submitting two entries on the same color shirt like a fool. Two shirts will probably NOT be a regular thing from me, but I had wicked insomnia last night/this morning.

Click here to see the monstrosity up close!




Here’s a bigger version on flickr:
7 Deadly Sins by Ape Lad, on Flickr
If you’ve read any of the supplementary material, I probably don’t need to tell you what an envious cretin Fortuna is.

I like alliteration almost as much as I like Wash.

This shirt is great. I would totally buy one!

Hope you like it! And hope you know Alf, the cat-eater extraterrial!

It’s the Chewbacca Defense illustrated…sort of.

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

I like it now, but in the future I will love it! +1

Ah, it’s nice to get a reference such as this. Most likely a winner, even I would wear this! It’s creative! :smiley:

(Hmm, the thumbnail doesn’t express this as a clear Doctor Who reference, it’s not immediately obvious until clicking in. :< Good luck, in any case. Daleks, heh.)