Derby entry comments for Derby #25: Citizenship

Comments for individual derby entries are placed in this thread.

First one I was able to finish by the opening bell. I have a couple more in the works, but it will be awhile until they are listed.

First entry is a Patchwork USA Map identifying that all of us together weave the fabric of this great nation. Weave your part! Thank you for your vote!

Re: [Kazakh Pride


I like very much to be good citizen of my country! I show pride of my country with American Design T-Shirt Contest! Vote Now Please!

Really cool shirt… i hope they don’t scream foul because of the phone letters and numbers.
might want to make up a backup without those on there just in case.

Do not vote for this shirt

thank you

Very funny!

Lol… civic duty to support your local musicians.
I do like the look

LOVE IT! Great colors!

Hi Hotcha- I added a little color just for you. Originally all the patterns were in bright red, white and blue, but it screamed too much color. So I toned it down while still have a bit of color. Just for you!!

Your entry made me laugh the moment I saw it! GMV!

My other entries are taking forever! May not get listed until the weekend.

Is it just me, or does the robot hand look kinda like an ape’s hand?

This one is super cute! Good job!

This will definitely be a winner! Great job Tgentry!

Some people do their civic duty out of respect, ideology, or morals, others do it because the court politely asked…

Voted for ya Damien :slight_smile: Good job. You work is always very clean and well drawn.

Awesome. Love the colors. I’m in.

thats what the stick is for :smiley:

this design is amazing.

My entry for the City Without Words derby:
Working Musician

I’m not sure if it matters since it wasn’t printed. But I’m pretty sure it’s the same photo of the same guitar used for both and definitely the same concept.

Text is a no no this week… and black on brown is not good… you can’t seen the design when printed then.


People Hate Boxed Layouts :smiley: