Derby entry comments for Derby #336: Days Of The Week

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Caturday? I’m pretty sure my cats think that is everyday…

I’m gonna sue Woot for making me design a shirt with a cat. lol

Pretty much sums up my mood on any given day.

I had to do it too… I think it was that or a picture with a camel…

The days of the week have been named after the seven planets of classical astronomy, since the Roman period: Sun, Moon, Marte, Mercurio, Júpiter, Venus and Saturn

Grumpy mews!!

Congrats on not drawing a cat, camel or coffee!


Partially inspired by Iron Chef Michael Symon…

The vegetables should run, they should hide. Don’t make a sound. For this is the day that meat ISN’T on the table. Meatless Monday… now in 3D.

6 colors on black

Nice! I hope this one gets some love.

It’s a tough job being the most hated day of the week. Can’t blame Monday for trying to change it up really.

Every day is Taco Tuesday in my book.

Sometimes getting fired is totally worth it.


Clever sir!


haha GREAT!!! +1