Derby entry comments for Derby #370: Adorable

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Who wants to babysit? :DDD

Because “cute” rhymes with “Groot!”
Bonus soundtrack to go with this design.


Hug with caution

Whew! Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

Aww… Poor Pluto :frowning:

Look at you, cat, sitting there all innocent. Poor little fishy. :frowning:

Several axolotls happily floating about! Six colors on black. :slight_smile:

He just wants a lil nom.


Hope you like my overalls-penguin!

Love Deadpool! and Spiderman! It’s a twofer… +1

Really cool style!!

If if fits, it ships.

Inspired by this awesome Gif.


What can be cuter than a kitten composed of two big-eyed baby bunnies?

Eat me!

hilarious… nominated by dog lol. I did the challenge this week, great cause and they’ve raised an insane amount of money through this campaign. great shirt. :slight_smile:

The most foul, cruel and bad tempered rodent you have ever set eyes on. A vicious streak a mile wide, it’s a killer.


Sorry- but I adore this.

She’s cute and mischievous! Who wouldn’t want one… and she farts stars - LOL

5 colors on Cranberry

“IR Cheeseburger”

Eat the burger? No! Be the burger!