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It had to be done…

I wanted to make a shirt in honor of my mother. My mother battled breast cancer for 10 years. It is in her memory that I have made this shirt. I would love to help call attention to an important cause that affects so many people (and for many of us our mothers). I will be donating every dollar that this design earns to the American Cancer Society and would urge all of you to donate as well.

Mom’s little terrors are bringing her gifts for mother’s day! How wonderful
Little Bobby Godzilla has a wonderful bouquet of people.
Little Sue Godzilla has a special box with a tasty treat inside.
How sweet, we can all learn something from this darling family

My mother’s no longer with us, but when she passed away she left behind five amazing people. A field medic serving his country, a teacher, a political activist, a librarian, and (of course) myself… we are the people we are today because of our mother. Without her we never would have had courage, humor, integrity, creativity, or a desire to make a change in the world. Without her we would not even be here in the first place. Though she is long gone she will never be forgotten. She lives on in our words, our deeds, our very flesh. This shirt is a tribute to her… recalling the days of joy and laughter when we were a bunch of wild kids who endlessly poked and joked and loved one another dearly, despite the arguments about who got to sit where at the dinner table. This Mother’s Day I would very much like to give this shirt as a gift to each of my siblings, who would look at the playful kittens here and see, I hope, a bit of ourselves and a bit of our mom as well.

If this shirt manages to make it to production, my very first shirt check will be entirely donated to a breast cancer charity. Millions of mothers, sisters, wives and daughters will be stricken by breast cancer. With our support they can survive… with future research they can be cured.

If you’d like to make a donation, Susan G. Komen for the Cure will help you to help mothers everywhere. Even if you can’t donate, please visit their site and get informed. Early detection is a crucial part of surviving breast cancer.

Thanks for your support.

A design of a mother sitting in a chair holding her newborn baby. The first chair that holds the mother and baby is the traditional wooden rocking chair that my mom used with me and then I used with my daughter. My daughter was born in the summer, so I included a wicker garden chair which my mom used to hold my daughter for the first time. I also included elements of a recliner chair to represent the first time my mom’s mom held my daughter. In this way, I wanted the design to embody 3 generations of motherly love shown to a newborn via the chair in which they sat. Design details have an element of Mother nature to them…clouds, earth, water, grass among others. Additionally, a halo and crown adorn the top to show the mother as angelic (like the Virgin Mother) and as the queen or family matriarch. Thank you for your vote.

Everybody hugs! And this mommy and baby jellyfish are just spreading the love!


What better way to honor one’s mother than to get a tattoo like this (on a shirt)?

An allusion to the movie Juno, thanks :wink:

Celebrate her motherly nature with nature acting motherly. On yellow with bright floral edging.

great design, the relay for life is coming to my city in a week and I will definitely be there supporting.

Nice! A very common situation.

this will always make me think of that lame tv show… looks cool tho

What can I say, Mom likes me best…

Kids… not only can they not agree on what they want to eat, but it’s all junk! This is to all the moms and their patience. =)

As seen if you’re looking at them through the knothole of a tree.

My mom was sort of a worst-case-scenario mother, and this was her favorite saying.

shouldn’t the title be “Nuts to You”?

I love the perspective

Mother Nature with her child in a heart-shaped leafy, floral design on cream-colored shirt.