Derby Preview #682: GraTEEtude


Gratitude may be evergreen, but we think November is a GREAT time to be GRATEFUL! Designs for next week’s GraTEEtude derby should demonstrate or celebrate gratitude in all it’s forms. You can even show us what you are grateful for. But here’s the deal. This is NOT a Thanksgiving derby. Been there, done that. This is about GRATITUDE, not a turkey-filled holiday. Thanksgiving designs will be rejected and sent to the back of the fridge with the leftovers. Also, no Grateful Dead and no cream shirts.

Feeling grouchy instead of grateful? Then submit your selfish shirt designs through the standard submission portal, instead!


Where the derby at???


Did the clocks changing mess up the derby?


Lol, probably. Either that, or Woot’s still hungover from the BETO / Cruz election.






I guess we just can’t have nice things… image


It’s coming!!! The Dev team is working on it. Should be up soon… hang tight, peeps. Sorry!



Just click the new-derby button. Sheesh! Do I need to do everything around here?


We tried! But it kept returning server errors. ~sigh~


Alright. Should be up and running now. Thanks for your patience, folks! :slight_smile:


Prepare for cheese grater designs galore…


I made three of those. But only one was gouda.


Edam that’s alot.


Ugh, that is nacho best joke…


Brie careful making all these cheese puns.


Pappy always said… “Cheddar late than never.” He was from Wisconsin…