Derby Preview #695: Films that Never Were

We are imagining the films that should have been made and weren’t or haven’t been…yet! Who knows? Maybe a Director will see your design and be inspired to create his masterpiece! Designs can be in any format you like, a film poster, credits, a scene…you get the idea. They must be either imaginary, parody or based on works already in the public domain. This Derby launches 2/14.

No cream tees as always, any questions?

Submit your non-fake-film designs though the regular submission portal!


A point of clarification. Can we use an existing movie title? For instance, Jaws with a picture of false teeth. THAT movie never existed. Yet a movie named Jaws did exist. Thanks.

I think that concept alone would just be parodying an existing movie, and that would have to be rejected. However, if you gave the movie a different title, like say Jaws VI: A new Ad-denture…or something like that, that would be acceptable since you are concepting an entirely new movie.

Does that help?


Help? I’m stealing that idea. :slight_smile:

I have to credit @benwyeth…he’s the pun genius around here.


Makes sense. I heard he’s super-into punography. Avoid his browser history at all costs.


This theme makes my head exploid so many options!
YEs… I said exploid and I meant exploid…

Thanks. I wander what people will do.

Films that never were…
Debbie does dishes
The one that flew over the cuckoo clock
Tesla Powers, the inventor that shocked me