Derby Preview #696: Slogan Tees

Update 2.11.19: As with previous text only derbies, graphical embellishments are allowed, but they must be just that - embellishments to the text. The text must be the main feature of the design.

No, not slogantees (the oft forgot about cousin to the manatee), we mean slogans ON tees. It’s been a while so we thought it was time to refresh your kerning and adjust your type, this derby is TEXT ONLY! We don’t want just any old Windows 95 font though…we want hand lettering, computer drawn typography or if you have to use an existing font it MUST be manipulated to not look like the original. The challenge to you is to make it impossible for our font nerds to name yours…if I spy a Helvetica…there’ll be rejection to pay. The theme is open, designs must be in the form of a slogan, preferably something that resonates with the people, and it must not be related to the politics. Also still no cream tees!

This derby launches Thursday 2/21/2019.

Submit your artisty-non-typography designs though the regular submission portal! !

Can you bank an extra rejection should someone use Comic Sans?



The word “slogan” makes me think of advertising and branding. Would a quote not be a slogan?

Slogan is a broad term for Woot. Yes, advertising and branding would definitely fit, but so would something that’s more typography based, or a quote would too. Here’s Woot’s “slogan” category for some references.

Now this derby, mind you, has to be TEXT only, so some of these shirts would not have fit the bill.

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in the last Text Only derby there were entries which did have graphical elements even though the derby guidelines said text only. Is this derby to include absolutely no graphical elements? so not even this one by walmazan that came third would be allowed this time because it has graphical flourishes which are not made of text?

also are we allowed to fit words into shapes as in this one

cheers :slight_smile:


Great question and I should clarify!

Graphical embellishments are allowed, as long as the text is the main feature of the design.


thanks so much :slight_smile:


Can I get some clarification on “graphical embellishments”? Are we talking just flourishes, lines, etc. stemming from or around the text like A Little Bit Salty or can there be actual graphic elements (objects, shapes, outlines) that don’t overpower the text or are even incorporated into the font? Here’s a few examples below…

Why Did It Have To Be Snakes
The Sci-Fi Must Flow
After All This Time
Osmosis Love

Sorry for being too nitpicky, I just want to make sure I’m crystal clear on the rules this week before I get any further into my design :slight_smile:

These are great examples thank you for asking.

Any graphical elements or embellishments included must be part of the font, or used to make the font. The text must make up the majority of the design like in A Little Bit Salty where the salt makes the text and then is used to enhance the design, but does not over take the text.

Under these guidelines, and for this derby Why Did it Have to be Snakes would be ok, as would Osmosis Love, but The Sci-Fi Must Flow & After All This Time would be rejected as the embellishments or additional graphical elements make up about half of the designs.

Does this help?

Perfect! Thank you for clearing that up for me :+1:

Would this be disqualified, @Lady5tark?

ANYTIME someone mentions comic sans, I have to post this…


No this wouldn’t qualify as the graphics aren’t embellishments to the text.

Gotcha. Thank you!

So… Are you planning to use an IRON glove this week? Or kid gloves. I see a lot of rejections if you hold true to this standard.

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That’s AWESOME!!! I literally lol’d
I would place my wager at about 25% rejected, give or take.

and now…