Derby Preview #700: Mashup Challenge - Animals & [Books | TV | Movies]

This weeks Derby Contest is a mashup challenge! Mash animals with your chosen book, TV series OR movie!

Your design must include at least one animal, zero hoomans, and be mashed with either a movie, TV or a book (real or imagined). Just note that real names of things need to have the titles changed so that we don’t get a whole host of like lawsuits and stuff.

Designs may be depicted however you like. Some examples of ways to show your mashup are as a poster, title, credits, cover, scene…you get the idea. All creatures in the animal kingdom are fair game, including mythical ones!

No animals should be harmed in the making of your artwork. Shirt does not accept responsibility for injuries incurred in the making of such designs - don’t put your hand inside the enclosure!

No cream tees, no politics and no humans!

This derby will launch 3/21/19.

Not into it? Submit your regular designs over here in our regular submission portal!

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Do the animals need to be real? Can cryptids or mythological beasts count?

Yes cryptids and mythological beasts are allowed - it is stated in the write up!

No gold star for me… I read it several times and missed it. sry


To encourage variety, can we please ban cats from this one? I feel that they are low-hanging fruit that already are mashed up all the time.

I cat-egorically disagree with this comment. Cat-shirts are life. LOLZ.

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Haha I don’t hate cat shirts haha I just thought it would make this derby more interesting. I just think that 70% of the entries will be cat themed, and that isn’t the topic. I thought someone should at least mention it because ideas like The Great Catsby, The Prince of Purr-sia, and Meow-der on the Orient Express seem like grabs for easy ideas when I think there can be more interesting ones.

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That low? :smiley_cat:

(Granted, less than 20% of my shirts are catshirts, so it’s obviously disproportionate.)


Cattaca, The nightmeow before chrisspuss, The Catterbury tails, Jurassic Purrk, The men who stare at cats, Men in Black-Cats, The nightmeow on elm street, Pitch Purrfect, Uncle Tomcats cabin, Clash of the Kittens… I could go on fur-ever!


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Any word on the week after? We were getting two weeks notice for a bit, usually on Wednesday, I thought…

Yes, they are both coming tomorrow! I post them Thursday mornings before the new one launches.