Derby Preview #710: Camp Wootashirta

EDIT 5/20: Please no politics!

We’re packing up our flashlights, boots and graham crackers for camp! Destination Camp Shirtawoota! Or any other imaginary camp you might want to visit! The theme this week is camping, campsites, sleepaway camps and all the fun and dangers that come with visiting nature. Bear got your marshmallows? Is Camp Shwirtatoowa the best sleepaway camp you’ve ever imagined? What do you do there? Get ready for this wet, hot summer with camping themed designs, real or imagined.

Remember that real names, places or things need to be parody or fan art. Also remember we don’t do cream tees.

Mark your calendars, this derby launches 5/30 and ends 6/6.

Also remember that if you’re more of a glamper…you should still submit those designs to this derby…but if you’re more of a ‘don’t know anything about camping and won’t draw any designs about camping’ kinda person, you should submit your artwork through our regular submission portal.

Cue @benjaminleebates perfect gif… :point_down:


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Nailed it.


Parody summer camp shirts are always very strong. So many pop culture icons to turn into summer camps! It promises to be a great week!

I hope so!

I also hope to get a good…“I don’t camp, I glamp in hotels” shirt for myself outta this one.


My idea of roughing it is a Motel 6.

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I hear they will leave the light on for you…

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I’ve got you. :wink:


You may want to throw a no politics rule in there. There has been some choice words about the border and summer camp used in the news lately and I can see some low hanging fruit turning woot into a war zone again. just sayin


Good call.

EDIT guys: NO politics!

(will add up top too.)


I got you, Kate!


Mine was a little less rustic. Oh wait, that’s already printed. I thought it looked familiar, lol.

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Can someone explain how to update an entry without completely resubmitting it? I seem to remember a submission from a few weeks back that was able to update the artwork without losing votes.

Depends on what the update is. If it is a small tweak (like you left a layer turned off, or forgot to correct a small area or something like that) you can email me the new thumbnails and I will upload.

If you totally change the art you have to delete your entry and resubmit.

Which I believe you can only delete your entry within 24 hours of submission (anyone verify?). After that I would have to delete your entry on my end, and either way you lose your votes when an entry is deleted.

Awesome, thanks! I just sent a revised submission and thumbnail to, so hopefully it can be updated soon :crossed_fingers: