Derby Preview #712: Orga to Meka | Meka to Orga

This week’s derby theme is brought to you by MatthewArt!

The idea is to turn any organic character into a robotic one, or any robotic character into an organic one! The characters are your choosing! No cream tees.

Any questions?

This derby launches June 13th.

If you want to submit something off-topic, submit here!

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Remember to avoid the UNCANNY VALLEY!

I’m a little confused on this- do the characters have to be pre-existing pop culture characters? Or is there room in the rules to explore mechanic/organic robot themes without imitating a character that already exists?

For instance, if an artist created something like an original robot design that incorporated leaves and tree imagery, would that be consider on theme?

If the character you create in robot form, comes from an organic creature than yes its on theme. Your organic character does not have to be one from pop culture. But it can’t just be a robot that doesn’t look like it came from something organic…does that help clarify?

Let me distract you with a picture of my puppy sleeping under my desk…IMG_20190531_141213_Bokeh

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What if the illustration depicts something that is easy to recognize (you’ll know what if refers to) but is not something specific, nor references pop culture?

I’m not sure I understand your question…

Like a toaster?

Thanks for the creative derby theme!

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I have no idea how this will play out. But I do think that having themes that are more than just a couple words make great creative prompt. I mean, that it what the shirt woot derby really is, right? A weekly drawing prompt that can potentially be monetized by multiple parties!?

Do you think there’s not enough detail or specifics for this one?

Yeah, I think the specifics control the general and yet it allows for some clever off-shoots.
I think the trick is to use very specific words, but not too many.

I think I would have stated it as “Design a shirt by either anthropomorphing robots or mechanizing the organic” but that is some nerdy stuff right there and would probably require some heavy googling for the designers! lol

I think at least once a month the theme needs to be somewhat specific like this!

This is my favorite theme for a while. Excited to see what happens!