Derby Preview #733: Subversive Holidays

So no … elves … storming into an ethics investigation on … Santa … while disregarding all security aspects?


I don’t see that as political. :hushed:

Right… And no Elves trying to overthrow the current Santa because they think that the Bumble would make a better Santa than a Comedian that used to sell tools… Wait… What? Where was I going with this?


A bigger issue with even allowing any hints of politics is that it’ll be a very short lived design. As ridiculous awkward as marker gate was and more recently, apparently Colorado needs a wall because I suppose New Mexico isn’t a part of the US anymore, the finite life span based on current events won’t really sell a month from now.

(Just IMHO …)

yeS. Cats. Subversive… always.

Merry Catmas!

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I’m assuming you meant October 31st. :slight_smile:

As a matter of fact I did…thanks for the spot.

Yes, always a battle between selling timeless designs (or at least less timely) versus selling timely things because you know the customer wants it.

I think the bigger story here is that we are learning that all States (or maybe just some) are shape-shifters that can move closer to whatever disaster/crisis it would be beneficial in that moment for them to be a part of. Everything’s a conspiracy.

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This Derby was made for me!


Same. Humbug. :joy:


Greetings @Lady5tark (or others) I’m working on an idea for this but can’t get the psd templates to work on Inkscape on my Mac. I tried adding .psd functionality using the solution offered at PSD Import - Inkscape Extension , but no dice. When i click on the Illustrator forms link, it takes to a page where nothing happens. Any idea how to get the templates to work on Inkscape?

Hey mydearWootson, Inkscape is only really used for vector files (and .psd is not a vector format). If you are looking for some open source free software to open the .psd template files, then download GIMP . It should handle them fine. Good luck!

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D’oh! Thanks for the info. I’ll try Gimp…hope it’s easier to pick up then Inkscape for a noob. (Though I’m now adept at arching text in Inkscape…so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice).

Ok folks, I couldn’t get GIMP to download on my late 2012 mac mini…so I pieced together a design with xpaint and Inkscape. I even managed to get it in png format AND put one on a template. The problem is, I’ve no idea how to do anything more than black on white. Anyone willing to help a Wootsen out with getting some color? (It’s a monochromatic design)

I also forgot to say NO UGLY SWEATER DESIGNS. Save those for this one.

Was anyone planning to sub an ugly sweater design??

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Some food for thought…

Since it’s such late notice - I won’t reject…but I will ask you to sub in the ugly sweaters derby if you would like to…

Clearly I have no artistic ability…see this abomination.

However, I’VE GOT IDEAS THAT THE WORLD DESERVES TO SEE! Who am I to let my lack of ability deprive Wooters of sweet tee’s?

Picture this —a close up of a dark and gritty Santa face who, instead of a beard, has an Antifa style mask (lower face cover, I’m thinking subzero/scorpion style) - or even a mask which is made to look like a Santa beard? [I’ll wait while your mind reassembles from being blown]

Who’s wants to make it happen!?

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They do editor’s choice on Monday right? Pretty sure the poultrytariat will make the cut!

P.S. anyone seen @Narfcake? Seems like it’s been a minute…