Derby #261: The Internet Through Art History

Not sure if it’s clear here, but this little experiment will kick in Derby #262. We just wanted to whet your appetite for something different and get you guessing!

Hmm…every shirt is in the fog so nobody can see the votes for any shirt?

$1 million for first place. Everyone else who enters has their bank accounts drained to pay for it.

Maybe it’ll be a talent-blind competition. I’m tired of my shirts not winning just because I draw like an 8 year old. How is that fair?

Really excited about this week’s theme though!

derby winners will be determined by a foot race between the artists in the fog at the end of the voting period

two derby winners/day (total of six) - regular three, mabe three editor’s choice

editor’s choice for a fourth derby print, or replacing #3

eight spot colours

You are only allowed to vote after viewing every entry submitted thus far for a minimum of 5 seconds each.

More than 24 hours between derby announcement, and submission time?

I always thought it would be neat to have 1st place print Friday, 2nd place Saturday, and 3rd + 4th print on Sunday in a head to head battle. The sales winner between 3 and 4 goes to reckoning the other goes to randoms. Open up for one more winner and a little extra competition at the end.

first place aa, second anvil, third hanes

Entries will be affixed to horses, and those horses will race in an actual derby, determining the winner!

Or Woot will now print winning designs on derby hats?

First prize is a Cadillac El Dorado
Second prize is a set of steak knives
Third prize is you’re fired

Every entry wins!

What’s with the “Don’t use copyrighted images, characters, or ideas.” rule? Isn’t that a rule in every Derby?

I took that as partly being a statement of “stay away from pop culture.” Plus there’s all of the logos and names that people might be tempted to use but woot can’t print.

Usually a design can use a copyrighted character if there’s a parody element involved too. Woot’s saying that’s against the rules for this derby.

Voting system is replaced by a complicated system of pulleys. Winnings are delivered by trebuchet. Later, everything is delivered by trebuchet.

I was so sure it was going to be Shirt Woot’s 5th birthday I’ve been drawing something for the last two days. :stuck_out_tongue:

Changes ahead… iiinteresting.

I’m hoping it’s some new shirt colors! Particularly eggplant/purple, or maybe a dark forest green. I’d also love the return of heather gray… miss that as a tee blank to design on!


Oooh and this would be great too. Though I feel like it’s less likely to happen, unfortunately:/

Or Friday theme announcement and Saturday submission… For people with jobs it’s difficult to knock out a decent drawing on Thursday nights…