Derby #74-75 Cyberpub: Soupy twist

Say anything, right? Just be nice about it! As always, friendly derby discussion is welcome too. :slight_smile:

Flames to dust
Lovers to friends
Why do all good things come to an end?

(from All Good Things (Come To An End) by Nelly Furtado)

Derby 74: One Continuous Line

This week, you’re not allowed to lift your metaphorical pen off your figurative paper. Show us what you can do with one unbroken line. The subject matter is entirely up to you (within our usual Derby rules), but you have to follow these rules:

Everything in your design should be part of the same continuous line. We should only be able to see two ends to your line. Any other line endings sticking out somewhere will be cause for rejection. And no autonomous little design elements away from the main one. Your continuous line should render everything on the shirt.

No retracing the same path. The line should always be distinct from itself, if that makes sense. Don’t fill in a space and try to tell us it’s just one line that overlaps itself. Don’t try multiple line endings on the grounds that the line turns back on itself.

One color only. No changing the color mid-line or using gradients.

Text is permitted as long as the treatment meets all the rules above. If you can draw text with one unbroken line with no retracing, knock yourself out.

Moderating this Derby might involve some judgment calls on our part, so if your design even comes close to breaking any of these rules, back away or risk rejection.


It’s actually one of the first things they make you do in art classes… I have a real nice one I’m ready to whip on an unsuspecting audience. Might be a bit artsy for the general woot crowd though.

still a gimmick.

edit: a cook should learn how to boil water. that doesn’t mean i’d want to pay $$$ for a restaurant to serve me plain boiled water.

this limitation is too artificial. as a potential (ha!) customer, i’d want to buy a shirt that looks nice, not one that simply shows how clever the artist was.

yep. fun though.

I bet you’ll be surprised at the quality of the entries. i predict some kick ass designs.

perhaps. the best ones are going to be the ones that don’t look like it’s made by one line. since it’s apparently a basic exercise for budding artists, it seems to be no limitation at all for them. or it’s just a test of cleverness on the part of the artist. either way, can you really say that a given kick-ass design couldn’t have been even better if (say) the limitation was just one ink color instead?

t-shirts that proclaim that the artist was clever do not appeal to me. i’m not interested in boosting random artist egos.

this derby is tilted towards clever people, which could be why i hate it.

I agree with this 100%.

Actually, yes. It’s tilted towards folks with black and white design talents that can take their normal designs and decompose them creatively into lines of different thicknesses.

Specifically, anything in the line art derby (#32) could possibly be creatively tweaked to be in this one…

oh, god.

like they need that.

THey have to have some theme for the derby. Might as well be this.

I will participate in the derby again only when the theme is “we give up, do whatever you want”

Here’s my final of “Spoons and Olives”- a shirt for bartenders and lovers of fine detail. It’s a single line of varying thickness that starts at the top left, and goes back and forward horizontally from top to bottom until the bottom left flourish. Thoughts? It’s on a navy shirt template. Judging by no comments in the derby thread, I assume this shirt is either a) ugly and/or b) just ignored.

Click for max size here.

OK, here it is:
any suggestions on problems with it or on the colors I ought to use would be great.
I still have time to mess with it.









I like the blue on navy but that’s just me.

I don’t think your varying width lines are gonna be allowed. You are using them to fill space, and with those right angles within one side of the line but not the other, it is pretty obvious.

My guess is that it’s too detailed for the fanboys to comment on, because they go gaga over the real simple stuff, and the ‘artists’ don’t hate you like they mostly do me, but they’re too busy now. gotta go.

i’d let it pass. i think it looks similar to fancy brushwork. nice work prof tek.