Derby #74: One Continuous Line

The Derby #74 Cyberpub. If we’re not chillin’ around here, check over there. All are welcome.

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Ooo, this was one of my favorite exercises in class.

Uh…really? I am going to have serious serious problems with this one, if I even try it at all. We’ll just have to see. Very intersting though, this might be exciting

Wow, this sounds like a lot of fun. :smiley:

Can a line return to itself, like the infinity symbol, and thus not have a true ending?

Heh didn’t read close enough, seems like this isn’t allowed.

Woohoo! Already have a design I’ve been working on for some time!

Here we go! A challenge! Great theme.


ooh a challenge!!
Now, to come up with something so diabolically awesome it will blow your mind.
This could take a while…

I don’t know… I read it and I think it’s ok. Your situation would mean 0 endings. I think they just gave an upper bound of 2. Clarification would be nice though.

The line is allowed to cross itself, right?

That’s my only question, too. Interesting theme, though.

Yes, a line is allowed to cross itself. No, you can’t have 0 endings. They want 2 specifically. An infinity symbol would not show 2 endings, and it would also show a line laying on top of another line, since the line has no discernible length.

Oh, I assume variation in line width is not allowed, but just asking to clarify?

Wow…this is going to be an interesting challenge…I’m really looking forward to the entires this week!

Why wouldn’t it be allowed? Some lines are a little chubby in the middle, don’t discriminate :3

sure it has discernible length. infinity has unending length, but the symbol certainly has measurable length.

I don’t know, I would think this would be considered “retracing the same path” since you could use thicker parts of the line to act as “filling in”.

An official word would be nice.

It could be any length of line, since there is no ending. It could be overlapped onto itself from 0 to infinity times.

Yeah, I still think something like infinity would be acceptable. You can pick one point and call it both the beginning and the end of the line. Because you COULD draw it in one continuous line WITHOUT overlap is enough, I think. It doesn’t have to have overlaps.

Might be best to avoid it anyway, just in case. Or leave a small gap?

Time for me to go on a public transportation adventure! Will think about this derby in the meanwhile. Looking forward to seeing some crazy entries!