Derby entry comments for Derby #74: One Continuous Line

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Pretty sure this falls under parody. :slight_smile:

Collab with the amazing Zenne, I did the original sketch and she did the beautiful linework you see here :smiley: Hope you like, I may post some detailed closeups later if anyone wants to see them :slight_smile:

Noah’s Ark with a single line :slight_smile: How many animals can you see? I swear if you look at this for long enough you’ll start imagining ones that aren’t there though, so be careful - If you find all the animals, you get a prize :stuck_out_tongue:

Exercise in Futility! YAY!

Got wallpaper?

The most excellent wooter Zenne and I have Collabed it up this week.

Both line ends start in the Sun. Your vote is certainly appreciated!

Christmas is coming and then it’ll be gone as soon as this Derby ends. And the moment that happens the tree is thrown out, the lights come down and holiday items at stores are tossed to the bargain bin. Mr Snowman is making a stand… a Non Violent Protest. Won’t you join him?

I wanted to make an entry that actually used a single line for a reason. This is the result.

Hello, folks! I hope you like this design as much as you probably hate the bad pun.

And, in what may be an unprecedented move, the first person who posts a successful solution to the maze (get to the heart) gets a custom rglee129 avatar. Just name any fur-less animal or robot or something and I’ll make you a custom avatar. I guess that’s a prize, right? No? Well, you don’t have to enter if you don’t want to.


Hope you enjoy my one line tribute to a great movie

For those accused of not having a heart… here is your shirt :slight_smile:

My one line begins and ends on the Rat. Enjoy and vote!

Resist is spelled with a circuit full of resistors. All puns intended.

Lightning cutting through the clouds at night… with the moon peaking out above. I really didn’t want to go complex on this, so here you are.

Large version:

From caterpillar to butterfly… enjoy!

Beautiful! I smell a winner. Really cool design, great balanced composition, and thoughtful approach to the linework. AND if it prints (likely, methinks), I think it would sell well.

Clever, I like.

Just one line and now you’re looking good. Jacket optional.

Line Dragon… this will be my only entry in this derby since my wife and i will be traveling to Dallas tomorrow morning to visit friends and family. best of luck to all! happy holidays to everyone! seeya next year!

Hey guys. Long time no see. Work as a bit slow yesterday and this morning, so I took the opportunity to jump back in the ring.

I spent pretty much every second while working on this lamenting that I don’t have a tablet. Even with an adjustable DPI mouse, this was an excruciating process.