Derby entry comments for Derby #32: Line Art


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A little smiley I draw everywhere. I thought it was fun.

Now that my Illustrator has been reinstalled and isn’t crashing anymore, I’ll continue with my other entries. Please vote. :slight_smile:






The subject of this is a mechanical bird, similar to a raptor or roadrunner. All metal parts make up the body, including a set of jet engines. Completely vector, and not a fill to be seen. I also added a line-based landscape backdrop.


Sorry not that kind of chick :wink:


Dog looking up at master begging to play ball. Tennis ball in mouth and drool. This dog’s ready to play.


So I thought it would be fun to sketch an ant so I made this shirt… my wife suggested I call it Ant Marching and give him a little military helmet (so I did)… Enjoy!


This shirt is my homage to the brilliant writing of one of my favorite shows: The Big Bang Theory which sadly I believe fell victim to the writter’s strike (RIP: 2007)


Stained Glass Floral Design.


NON Artefacted version


Dominating from the start! I would so buy this.


Dragonflies are such lineal things to begin with…


Modern art style design of various musical instruments, sheet music, musical notes and clef. Drawn from one of my paintings.


holy shit kenny, you have taken dedication to a whole new level.




Non artefacted:


What’s the deal with the shovel?


Great design! Makes me want to go to Las Vegas.


WOO HOO!!! He’s cute! He reminds me of that character logo from Ghost in the Shell. I like it!


hi guys, while I was staying up, i forgot to add 3 or 4 lines up at top on the right side. Since what you guys are the voters/buyers - I thought i’d be honest with that. I’ll be fixing this – and in no way will it affect the design. Please blame my sleepy eyes.