Derby entry comments for Derby #278: Choose Your Own Art-venture


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In the style of The Pixel Grid


I love Pointillism! I’d been working on this one for some time, hoping a pointillism or impressionism derby would come along!



This is a tribute to my grandpa, who was a very talented cartoonist and watercolor painter. He had a very simple, but beautiful style. I’ve never tried this style, but here’s what I could make, armed with only a fraction of his talent.



Thanks for stopping by!



I hope you like it!

Pixel Grid




Art nouveau, if you can’t tell. Kind of. Probably not adhering to any strict design rules here, but yeah. Flowing cloth, pretty lady, shapes… What little girls are made of!


Anyway. I always thought the ‘simple shape with cool textures or patterns or images inside it’ was really awesome, so it’s in her cloth. And the tiger stripes. And everything’s blue. Except for the things that aren’t blue.

Five-or-six colors on navy.


I had a lot of fun with the crosshatch derby so I’ve made this crosshatched design! Hope you like it!! (go ninjas!)


I went for Watercolors (which left me with only four shirt colors to choose from). I used black & white watercolor design I did of a Zebra and made him a bit psychadelic (so I guess he might have fit that derby, too)

I know white shirts aren’t the most popular, but white makes the colors pop more than any of the other shirt colors


From the very deep blue sea! hope you like it! :smiley:


Great color choices, they really set the mood in this piece.


Line art! Hope you like it!!


Such a scary thought… oh cripes! It’s true.


Based on Paul Rand’s Crisp Mid-Century Modern Design


Can humanity survive when one of earth’s most FEARED PREDATORS is transported from the past? Will mankind unravel the mystery of how this monster walks among us, hidden in plain sight as a peaceful bird? What unknown power from the moon caused all this to happen? Find out in issue 6 of Transmogrification Rex!!!


ITIFTFY - fits both in my opinion.


That taco is crazy… crazy good!
Pixel Grid Style


Shirt in the style Trompe-l’œil. Halftone image to follow.


Love it when you put out these designs.