Design Tips: Laying It Down

Good topic. “Horizontal Across the Chest” is really overplayed. I like shirt-filling designs or at least an indication that the artist is aware of the shape and orientation of his canvas.

another great post!

I agree with thatrobert–horizontal across the chest is seen too much. But I find full shirts can be a bit ink-heavy for wearability.

Horizontal across the chest is a classic for a reason- it’s one of the few print placements that works well at almost all screen sizes and on almost all body types :slight_smile:

I’d love to see more quality diagonal designs. It can be tough to get right, but has so much motion when executed well.

Yay woot! keep doing great post like this.

yay, tgentry is educating us! I should demand the oodles of money spent at my college turned universtiy. I honestly feel like i would drop dead in grad school :frowning:

When considering placement of design elements, please try to remember that women will most likely be considering your shirt as well. Horizontal across the chest tends to work well on men and on t-shirt blanks in graphics programs but it doesn’t always work as well on a busty woman.

Thinking about my favorite shirt.woot shirts, they all have at least a hint of diagonal motion to the design. Maybe it’s because they keep the eye moving, so it doesn’t settle too long on a breast or belly flab.

Another good ‘essential’ consideration when working up a design, with good visuals to match. It seems to me that side prints are characteristically position on the right-hand-side and diagonals typically go lower left to top right. Time to introduce a derby which only allows belly prints…maybe not.